Testing viscosity….pretend lava


P4/5 have just started their new topic – all about Dynamic Earth.  They have built model volcanoes using paper mache and have been learning about different types of lava.  Here they are investigating different viscosities and rate of flow.  Our pretend lavas were water, oil and golden syrup…..the syrup was so slow flowing that the bell went at the end of the day and everyone had to go home!!


SUMDOGSumdog is an online maths platform where you have lots of games to play and when you play them you get asked questions.  Your teacher can see how many questions you have done and what ones you got right. Sumdog is good because it helps lots of children with their maths. It also helps them to try harder to make a difference with their maths. P5/6/7 have been doing the Argyll and Bute Sumdog competition.  You have to answer 1000 questions to complete the test. Lots of schools all over Argyll & Bute entered the competition. The amount of questions that you get right decides if you will make it onto the leader board, and 3 children from P567 were in the top 50. If you get 1000 out of 1000 it is almost definitely that you will make it to first. Our school came 8th on the leader board in the whole of The Argyll and Bute.

Mindfulness Minions

imageWe are the Mindfulness Minions.  In our group are Ellie, Lauren, Caitidh, Freya, Dearbhla, Ellen and me, Millie.  Our aim is to to keep everyone in Port Ellen happy, fit and healthy.  We want everyone to treat each other as they would like to be treated.

We would like to do a health day and we could make music.We organised to have everyone wear PJs to school, baked cakes and had a teddy competition for Children in Need.


imageOn Thursday 17th of November P5\6\7 was doing Shinty with Euan McMurdo the shinty development officer. He taught us different skills you need when playing shinty, like stopping the ball with your feet. We also got to play shinty which was very fun and everyone enjoyed playing shinty and look forward to playing it again soon.

Children In Need

imageEvery year Port Ellen Primary School does a fundraiser for children in need. They raise the money to give to children who are less fortunate than us and who are very ill , that’s why this year all the children came into school waring a onesie and brought in their teddies. They also had the Mindfullness Minions (one of the citizen ship groups) do a bake sale in the school, we also got some other cake donations from parents. They raised £200.36 for Children in Need!

Blackhouse Feast


To finish off our learning about life in Islay through time we made a feast of things that might have been eaten two hundred years ago.  We made bannocks, oatcakes, potato soup, stovies and our own butter.  Everyone agreed that the food was not too bad long ago!