Science Club

img_1757 img_1750 img_1770On every Wednesday at school we have a science club. On the first week of science club we had to find out who put a white powder in Mrs. Clark’s hot chocolate. It was great fun. We had to find it by going to different parts of the kitchen and finding out whose mark matches the criminals mark. There was finger prints, bites on cups and we had to see what what pen was the same as the one the criminal used. The second week we got to make crystals. We made the crystals by putting in over salted water and food coloring to make them look good. On the last week of science club it was really disgusting because we were dissecting a fish and at the very end we dissected a deer heart. Although earlier before we were naming body parts and we got 2 chocolates out of an advent calender. We would like to thank the people from the high school  for coming over to help us and we would really like it if science club is on again.

By Rebecca and Rowan

Cooking Club

During this term cooking club has been run  by Mrs Harrison on a Monday after school. It was run from 3:30 to 4:30. Every week we made different foods. The first week we made a scone recipe choosing some ingredients to put in. The next week we made pizza using the scone recipe as a base and made our own tomato sauce. The next week we made a pasta bake to take home and share with our family for dinner. We boiled pasta then made sauces, there was a cheesy sauce and a tomato sauce. The last week Mrs Harrison thought of something more exciting so we made pancakes. We made apple flavour which was from Jamie Oliver’s recipe and we also made a thick and thin pancake recipe. We then shared the pancakes and put our own favourites on them. We had jam, butter, golden syrup, maple syrup and some bananas. We all enjoyed making our recipes and going to cooking club.

By Kaitlyn and Ellie.

Craft Club

On our first week we were in partners we had to research nice things to make for the Christmas fair. We made soaps in our partners  both people chose what the soaps were going to look like then one person chose the scent and the other person chose the colour.On the second week we got things to draw around one was a star, a Christmas tree and a stocking we drew around them in pen on felt.  then we sold our products at the fair and got to take some home for Christmas.

sports club

Every day on Monday after school Mr Shakespeare runs a sports club. Loads of people in the school go to sports club and enjoy it. We have been doing lots of different activities such as football, shinty, hockey handball, dodgeball and eliminate frisby.  It is great fun.