Address to a Haggis Poems

As part of a competition run by Tesco, we have been writing our own versions of this Burns classic in P45. Here are 2 great versions of the poem written by Abbie and Harry.

The Slaughter of the Haggis

The gleaming feast,

Sliding into a watering mouth,

Which tenderly is swallowed down,

With pleasure and love.

A courageous taste,

Which melts into charging bombs,

That sings luxuriously,

Like a bagpipe.

Surrounded by armed neeps and tatties,

But the haggis defeats them,

Because he is crowned the most scrumptious of them all,

The king of gleaming feast.

By Harry Rennell

Haggis Running Late

Ye Haggis running up and doon,

I cannae wait to attack ye wi’ me spoon,

I’m hunting you, so don’t be late,

My bonnie lass just cannae wait.

Tonight the yowfing dug winnae feast,

We’ll slobber you all up my beast,

My sgian dubh will briefly slice,

Your puddins gushing out with spice.

By Abbie Morris

3 Replies to “Address to a Haggis Poems”

  1. You’re poems are great! I really like the fact that Harry has written his more traditionally and Abbie has written hers kind of traditionally with a twist! It shows that you each have your own style. I have to admit though I don’t like Haggis that much! We have not written poems for a while maybe we’ll try your idea and re write someone elses poem in different words! Robbie Burns poem The Address to a Haggis, I can understand some words and not the rest! I speak Shetland Dialect and some of its the same as Scots but not all but for what I understand I think you have rewritten them just as Robbie Burns would have liked!
    Burravoe Primary School

  2. I really like your poems Abbie and Harry! I like them because they are both very original in different ways, I really like the names of them as well. Your poems have lots of rhyming in them which makes it a really good poem. I think you should be really proud of yourselves with those. We are having haggis, neaps and totties for lunch on the 25th January. From Mia 🙂 P4 Burravoe Primary School

  3. Wow. I can\’t beleve you wrote these! I think it would be harder to rewrite rather than write from scratch, What do you think? We learn Shetland dialect not Scotts. We have haggis at school on burns day and at the hall. I dont like haggis, its to spicy. Are these all the poems?

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