As we are the first school to be the focus of the quadblogging this term, we thought we would tell you a little about ourselves.
Our school is in Scotland, part of the United kingdom, although there is a debate at the moment about Scotland becoming independent. We live on the Island of Islay, off the west coast of Scotland. We have lots of beaches, some hills and moors and the 4 main places to live are Port Ellen, Bowmore, Port Charlotte and Keills. The weather on Islay is usually windy and wet and we have lots of powercuts, but we have lots of lovely wildlife. You can get to Islay using a plane or the ferry, the ferry journey takes about 2 hours. About 3,000 people live on Islay.
We live in Port Ellen, a village and a port. People in the village work on the land, in the whisky distilleries and fish in the sea. There are 8 distilleries on Islay. Port Ellen has playing fields, a small supermarket and 4 other shops.
Our school has 2 levels, and 6 classrooms, as well as a school hall, staffroom, office and outside playgrounds. We have an all weather pitch, raised beds, a pond, a timber trail and a roundhouse. There are 64 children in the school, and 22 in nursery. There are 4 classes and nursery.
Comments from pupils in Primary 4/5: Oliver ‘There have been many battles in Scotland’, Alicia ‘ My favourite football team is Rangers, who play in Glasgow.’, Eleanor’ I have a lorry with my name on it that carries gravel and draff.’, Danni’ I like playing in the playground on the train.’


  1. It sounds lovely on the Island of Islay. Our weather today is wet and windy too. My schools are near to the city of Sheffield. Have a wonderful time blogging.

    Mrs Gascoyne
    Cluster School Business Manager
    Kingston Park Primary & Nursery
    St Augustine\\\’s Junior
    St Augustine\\\’s Infants & Nursery

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