P1/2 found a dead butterfly in our class. We used the internet to find out what type of butterfly it was. We discovered that it was called a small tortoiseshell and that it was a girl.

Our Rhyming Morning

All the boys and girls in nursery, P1/2 and P2/3 came to school today dressed up as their favourite nursery rhyme character. There were lots of wee willie winkies, a little pig, Miss Polly and her doctor and even an old woman tossed up in a basket!
Mummys and daddies and grannies came and worked with us on lots of fun activities.
In the hall we played drama games to do with nursery rhymes.
In the nursery we played games to do with rhymes.
In P1/2 we made rhyming hats.
In P2/3 we were rewriting nursery rhymes.
Here are P1/2s thoughts about this morning.
Ross – I liked making up funny rhymes.
Ronan – I liked doing things with my mum.
Finlay – I enjoyed listening to nursery rhymes.
Struan- I liked playing with Old Mcdonalds farm.
Murray – I liked that too.
Kaya – I enjoyed playing with the playdough.
Natalie – I liked watching the video clips of us doing rhyme work.
Bronagh – I liked having the juice and cakes.
Katie – I like coming to school dressed up.
Mirren – I liked when playing with the farm.
Ellie – I liked coming to school in my dress.
Ruaraidh – I liked playing with the boat in the water.
Kaitlyn – I liked everything
Julie Ann – So did I!