NO.1 Girl Farmer

I like to farm because the lambs are CUTE , CUDDLY and i like to play with the dogs Jack ,Meg ,Tam and Mist (WOOF WOOF). I go farming with my dad and uncle Charlie. I like it at lambing time when they are skipping up the hills. I need to learn to train my new dog Jack to be the best sheepdog.


Flute Achiever

I play the flute and Mr McDermot is my teacher. My friend Ellen plays the flute with me. Mr McDermot takes me down for flute every Friday. My favourite song to play on the flute is Hot cross buns and the Whole Thing. I really love playing the flute because it is a lovely Instrument!!!!!!!!!
I need to practice 7 days a week and not leave it to last moment on the Friday morning to be successful.


Museum of Islay Life

We went to the Museum of Islay Life on Tuesday 18th January. Primary 6 and 7 came with us. After that we went to the waterworks at Torra.
We got on the bus and went to Port Mor. We met Mr Reavey. He told us what the oldest house on Islay was. Then we went to the museum. When we got inside it had lots of tools and dresses with beds. My favourite exhibit was a wheel chair because they got to push old people on it. The wheel chair had a steering wheel and a rug on top of the seat. The rug was made at the Islay Woolen Mill during World War 2.
Then we went to the waterworks at Torra. Two people showed us around. They told us about how the water gets cleaned. First it was brown, then it was white, then it got really clear.
I liked going to the museum as it had lots of cool things inside. The water works had lots of pipes with water going through them and was really interesting.


My Christmas

Christmas day 2010 was the best one ever. I was looking forward to it but it almost ended because of mum’s cooking!
I got for Christmas Spy Gear, FIFA, a lamp, a sleigh, a torch and a controller. I played with all of them. We had breakfast, which is when my mum almost choked my cousin by not taking the plastic rind off the black pudding!
I went sleighing with my cousins. We had a crazy time. Someone had built a jump and it was camouflaged with the snow. I went flying and landed face first. It was sore!
When we were done we had Christmas dinner, it was turkey my favourite. I had a wonderful Christmas.

My Christmas Day 2010

On Christmas Eve I was very excited for Christmas day. I hoped I would get lots of nice things. I was looking forward to opening my presents but Christmas day nearly ended in disaster!
I woke up and went through to my big brother’s room on Christmas morning and me and Liam went downstairs. I felt very excited.
On Christmas morning I had lots of presents. I got an Ipod Touch, a fashion set, lots of sweeties and lots more. After I opened all of my presents I had breakfast, mini bagels.
I went to my dad’s at lunch time and I got a motorbike. We went to our Nanny Kay for Christmas dinner but my mum dropped our cheesecake and it went all over Jack! What a disaster! It was very funny.
it was the best Christmas ever because I got everything I wanted and it was very funny when mum dropped the cheesecake. It was a calm Christmas.