See you soon!

This post was written last night at around 5pm (12.5.16). However due to terrible wifi we were unable to post. We have just docked at Hull and will see you all this afternoon 🙂


Bonjour! Thank you once again for all of your lovely comments. The children enjoy hearing them all at breakfast.

Today we left the hotel for the final time. Craig really enjoyed the food at the hotel while Erin thought that her bed was very comfortable.

Our first stop was Nausicaa, the sea life centre. Nathan enjoyed looking at lots of seahorses and sharks while Jay liked watching the Penguins swimming underneath the water. We watched a film in 4D where our faces were splashed and our hair was blown around furiously! The gift shop in Nausicaa was fantastic! Many presents were purchased. Jay has now acquired a soft toy great white shark called Stephen who will be a great addition to the family I am sure!

Next we drove out of France and into Belgium where we stopped in town of Ypres. We visited a glorious chocolate shop where everyone purchased some delicious treats! The chocolate shop owner was even able to give us some special money off deals!

We then went to see the Menin Gate. It is a memorial to soldiers who died in the First World War who have no known graves. We each got a poppy to stick next to one of the names on the Menin Gate. This was a touching moment for us all.

We are now sitting in the ferry terminal as we write this waiting to go into our rooms for our final night before home. We are looking forward to dinner and disco before bed.

The children have had an amazing week but are very excited to see you all again!

See you soon everyone!

Written by: Miss Clark, Erin, Nathan, Craig and Jay (and Stephen the shark!)

Aujourd’hui mai 11!


Thank you all for commenting on our past posts. They are all lovely and we enjoyed reading yesterday’s comments at breakfast this morning.

We spent the day at Bagatelle Theme Park. It was easy to get around and we didn’t have to queue for that long for any of the rides. It was rather cloudy in the morning but later on in the afternoon it was extremely hot and sunny (around 24 degrees!)

Here are some of our favourite moments from the Theme Park:

Becky: “I enjoyed taking Miss Clark on the Famous Jack ride and the flume. It was funny because she screamed the whole way round!”

Lewis T: “I enjoyed the Triops ride the most. Your legs were able to swing in the air and you went upside down loads of times!”

Leanna: “My favourite ride was the log flume. I got soaked!! But I still went on it 7 times!”

Claire: “I really enjoyed the Famous Jack ride too. It spun you around lots of times and Miss Clark’s screaming could be heard for miles!”

Some other funny moments include… Megan accidentally dunking her foot into the river on the water ride, Mrs Gilmour and Mrs Wotherspoon getting stuck on a broken ride and having to be rescued, the clown that played games with us and Miss Farren screaming constantly!

We also managed to buy some presents for our relatives at home at the theme park and are excited to give them to you!

We are looking forward to our final day in France and Belgium tomorrow, visiting Nausicaa, the Menin gate in Ypres and some chocolate shops (yum, yum!)

Au revoir mes amies!

Written by: Miss Clark, Becky, Lewis T, Leanna & Claire.





Guess the teacher!



Fun selfie on the Twist Air (chairaplanes!)



Mrs Gilmour being rescued from a broken water ride!!


At the end of a fun-filled, action packed day!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Thank you for reading our last update. We all loved reading the many comments you left us yesterday and today. Please keep commenting on our daily updates!

Thank you for your questions Primary 7! After dinner we have been enjoying doing different things. On Sunday night we went to the disco on the ferry. Yesterday, we went to the local park. Today, we are relaxing in our rooms after a very busy day. We are normally in our bedrooms for 9:30pm and lights out are at 9:45pm. This morning we woke up at 7:30 but tomorrow we have a long lie until 8am!! We are glad you are having a good week. We can’t wait to see you all next Monday and hear all your stories!

Today we have had a very busy, but interesting day. We started off by visiting L’Etaple cemetery. We were surprised as to how vast it was. Keston found the visit very educational as we were able to find out lots from the gravestones about the soldiers and civilians who had died. We found it interesting that the graves of the German soldiers weren’t so well kept.

We then travelled for about 2 hours on the bus to reach the Somme area. Our first stop was La Grande Mine. The crater was huge. It was caused by 27 tons of explosives set off by British soldiers who wanted to defeat Germans. The children all thought that the names on the walkway around the crater were very interesting as they told more information about soldiers who fought at that time.

Next we visited the nearby village of Contalmaison where we visited the McCrae Battalion Memorial (commonly known as the Hearts Memorial). Sam Tischler and Molly felt very honoured to be given the opportunity to place the school wreath on the memorial. Both Sam and Molly describe the experience as very memorable and touching.

Then we had our lunch at Thiepval. Sandy thought the memorial, for those who were never found during the Battle of the Somme, very beautiful as poppies regularly rained down from the top of the memorial. Sandy & Keston were convinced that they had found some long lost relatives on the memorial.

On our way to Ulster Tower we stopped off at Beaumont Hamel where we saw a memorial to Canadian and Scottish fallen soldiers among many others. We were surprised to find a Caribou atop of the Canadian Memorial!

Our last stop of the day was Ulster Tower. We were given a tour around the Thiepval Wood Trenches by a very knowledgable tour guide called Teddy. He showed us various trenches that were built by Scottish soldiers. We loved that the trenches were named after famous Scottish streets and cities (e.g. Inverness Avenue, George Street and Union Street). It was a truly emotional and humbling experience.

We are now back at our hotel after enjoying a lovely 3 course dinner. Please keep leaving comments, we love reading them.

Bon nuit!

Written by: Miss Clark, Mrs Harding, Sandy, Molly, Sam Tischler & Keston

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Primary 7 6.5.16

Hello everyone!

We have had a short but very busy week since the children returned to school.

The children are continuing to work on their High School Profiles in class. Children write about how they feel they have developed throughout Primary School in these areas: leadership, team skills, research and planning, problem solving and communication. These profiles will be passed on to each child’s high school before the end of the session. We are pleased with how they look so far. Keep up the good work P7!

We have been continuing with our new topic of Economically Less Developed Countries (ELDC) this week. We have been exploring the importance of access to clean drinking water and how this one factor can have a profound effect on whole countries. We explored the rights that we have in Scotland and compared our lives to those who live in ELDC. The children made impressive rights posters to show their knowledge.

Soon, as part of the ERASMUS+ Project, Primary 7 will be exploring the country of Bulgaria in more detail. Miss Clark will be sharing her experiences of the country and the children will be researching the country’s culture and traditions as part of a mini project. We will keep you posted on our progress!

This weekend some of the children will depart on our France Residential. The children are very excited and I am sure the trip will be a success. Miss Walker has an exciting week planned for all of the children staying at Carmondean, including lots of PE, trips down to P1 and an exciting mini topic. Miss Farren & I can’t wait to hear what they have been doing whilst we are away!

We will keep you posted of our movements in France by writing on the blog on some nights during the week. Feel free to leave comments as we know the children will love reading them 🙂

Au revoir!

Miss Clark & Miss Farren

Primary 7 17.3.16

Hello everyone

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Primary 6 and 7 production of “Hosanna!” on Wednesday. We were so proud of all the children in P7 whose talent and commitment shone throughout both performances. We hope you all enjoyed the show 🙂

This week we have been rounding off our WW2 topic with another challenge! The children have been working in groups of 4 or 5 to create a large poster showing their knowledge of World War 2. All posters must include information on: How the war started; the political parties involved and each party’s views; the effects that the war had on people in Britain and how the war eventually ended. The children have half an hour left to complete their posters, create a presentation of their work and they then will present it to the rest of the class. We look forward to seeing the final products 🙂

As part of our WW2 topic we have also begun watching “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. Two of the reading groups in each class have been doing a novel study on the book this term. The children who are in these groups have been taking notes on the similarities and differences between the film and book throughout the viewing of the film. Next week the children will write up a comparison piece based on the film and the book. Next week we will also be watching “Goodnight Mr Tom” in class which the other reading group in each class has been reading this term in order to also complete a comparison piece of writing. We are looking forward to reading the children’s interesting comparisons 🙂

Some reminders –
Outdoor PE – Tuesday

Indoor PE – Wednesday (please note the new PE day)


STOP PRESS – The event described below has had to be re-scheduled and will now take place on 11th and 12 th April.

Next Monday/Tuesday (21st/22nd March) – “Home Front Histories” are coming into school to deliver an interactive workshop to the children. This cost of this will be £2 per child. Please bring this money into school for Monday. P7F may dress in period outfit/costumes/uniform for this event on Monday, whilst P7C can dress up on Tuesday.

Reading homework – No written reading homework this week. Children have instead been asked to read to the end of their reading book before next Wednesday 23rd.

Other homework – All other homework is suspended until after the Easter Holidays.

Thank you for all your support. Have a lovely Easter break when it arrives!

Miss Clark & Miss Farren

Primary 7 11.03.16

Hello everyone!

Primary 7 have had a very busy week. On Wednesday the Primary 6 and 7 children performed “Hosanna!” in front of the whole school and staff. The children performed excellently with fantastic singing, beautiful dancing and superb acting! Miss Farren and I were so proud of all of the children. Please remember that you can come to watch “Hosanna!” next Wednesday 16th March at 1:30pm or 6:30pm at the Pentecostal Church in Fells Rigg. Tickets are available from the office.

Change of timetable

As of next week our timetable will change somewhat. Outdoor PE will still be on a Tuesday afternoon for both classes. However, indoor PE times are changing to a Wednesday afternoon until the end of the summer term. Next week is an exception as due to our show performances Indoor PE will be on a Thursday (17.3) for one week only. We will remind the children of this in class. The children will also no longer have art with Ms Fox but will continue working with Mr Platt in music on a Wednesday.

Our WW2 topic is nearing its end. The children have worked very hard throughout this topic and have been enthusiastic about their learning. In order to celebrate what we have learned we have invited “Home Front Histories” into school on the last week of term for a full day interactive workshop. Miss Farren’s class will attend the workshop in school on Monday 21st March and Miss Clark’s class will go on Tuesday 22nd March. On these days children are encouraged to come into school dressed as a child in the 1940s. We are sure it will be a fun and informative day for all! 🙂

Thank you. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Farren

Primary 7 – 26.2.16

Happy Friday everyone!

This week in Primary 7 we started work on an ICT challenge. Children in groups of 4 had to create their own PowerPoint showing different fashions/uniforms during WW2. The children then had to write a script and record their own voices on the computer program “Audacity” to give their audience more information about fashion in 1940s Britain. Next week we will work on rehearsing the timings of our voice recordings and PowerPoint slides to ensure they are in sync. Then we will present our finished product to the rest of the class.

Children are continuing to work hard on “Hosanna!” (this years P6/7 show). All lines should be memorised by Monday, please support your child with this at home if necessary. Please note that the date of the show is Wednesday 16th March and all children are expected to attend both the afternoon show and the evening show. If your child cannot attend the evening show please send a letter into school as soon as possible to let the school know.

In science this week we have been learning about coal mining. The children explored the effects that coal mining can have on the surrounding land through conducting an experiment. We used a tool (toothpick) to “mine” for coal (chocolate chips) in our land (a cookie!) We discussed the importance of the force we used when “mining” and the impact that this had on our “land” (or cookie!) Some cookies were relatively unaffected by the mining whilst others were completely destroyed! The children now understand the effects that coal mining can have on the surrounding land. Next week we will move onto learning about oil and the impact that fossil fuels are having on our environment.

Primary 3 have organised a World Book Day event for the whole school on Thursday 3rd March. Children can come to school dressed as a character from their favourite book. There is no charge for this event. As part of our World Book Day celebrations Primary 7 will also be visiting their P1 buddies in the afternoon in order to read with them and complete some activities on their favourite books. We’re all looking forward to this 🙂

Please bring both outdoor and indoor PE kit next Monday and Tuesday. Also please note that our homework schedule is:

Spelling – due Friday each week
Maths – due Thursday each week
Reading – will be given out on Wednesday 2nd March and due in the following Wednesday (09.03)

Have a great weekend!

Miss Clark, Miss Farren & Miss Walker

Primary 7 21.01.16

Hello everyone!

We’ve had a very busy week in Primary 7. On Monday we enjoyed a trip to The Risk Factory. There we learned all about the dangers of different places (such as railway lines, building sites and farms) and how to keep safe. We also learned about how to prevent a fire from happening in our homes and saw the effects that vandalism can have on people’s lives. We even got the chance to save 2 people from a burning building and some children were able to call 999 to get help from the fire brigade (this was all a scenario thankfully!) The children all behaved brilliantly throughout the trip – well done! We’d also like to thank all of the parent helpers who accompanied us. Your help is much appreciated 🙂

The children got the chance to show what they had learned at The Risk Factory through creating safety leaflets in writing. The leaflets are really beginning to come together and we hope to have the finished articles up on display before parents night.

This week, rehearsals began for the school show. In the next couple of weeks the children will begin to find out their roles in the show and will have words or songs to practise at home. The school show will be on Wednesday 16th March with one performance in the afternoon and one in the evening. It is expected that all children participate in both performances so please try to keep this evening free if possible.

Our World War 2 Topic is going well. This week we have designed, carefully chosen resources, and created our very own WW2 Gas Masks! They are already looking fantastic. Miss Farren and I were pleased to see the thought and care that went into designing the gas mask and deciding which materials would be most effective. We will upload a picture of the finished articles when they have been completed!

Please remember our PE days for this term are:
Indoor: Monday
Outdoor: Tuesday (weather permitting!)

Also, a big well done to Aaron, Molly, Joy & Aidan H who were the winners from both classes of our Burns poetry recital. Tomorrow they will take part in the Whole School Burns Competition! Good Luck to you all 🙂

Miss Clark & Miss Farren

Happy New Year from Primary 7!

Hello & Happy New Year!

We hope you have had an enjoyable festive break. We are happy to be back and are looking forward to a busy term ahead full of learning.

This week, we started our new Interdisciplinary Topic of World War II. So far the children have been very interested in what we are learning about 1930’s Britain and 1930’s Germany. Next week we will begin to learn about the life of Anne Frank. If anyone has any resources or memories they could share with us we would be delighted to hear from you.

Today the children chose a Burns Poem they would like to recite to the class in 2 weeks time. They have been given their poem home with them today. Please encourage your children to practise and memorise their poem at home. We will also be working on helping the children to learn their poems in class. 2 children from both classes will then be chosen to recite their poem in front of the school at the annual Burns Assembly. Good luck everyone!

In the next 2 weeks the children will begin learning and practising for this year’s P6/7 School Show! The show this year is called “Hosanna!” Your child may receive lines to memorise, please encourage your children to practise these at home.

Some reminders:

– Indoor PE is now on a Monday and Outdoor PE will be on a Tuesday for both classes. Please ensure your child brings appropriate kit to school on these days.

– Next week your child will receive spelling homework (given on Monday, due in on Friday) and maths homework (given on Monday, due in on Thursday) as normal. The children will no longer have a news book to complete this term. The children will also receive reading homework in the coming weeks. There will be more information about this in the next P7 newsletter.

Thank you, as always, for all of your suppport. Have a great weekend!

Miss Clark & Miss Farren