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P5/6 Snow Day!

Hi P5/6!

Hope you are all out or have been out enjoying the snow this morning before any more arrives!  Here are some outdoor ideas for you to keep busy…

1. A Headless Snowman

Make a snowman without a head. Then take turns to stand behind the snowman as if your head belongs to the snowman.  Have a range of props such as wigs, hats, scarves, sunglasses to wear.  Take photos of each other doing different poses!

2. Roll it up

Make the biggest snowball possible whilst creating a maze or interesting pattern of grass to follow afterwards. Does the size of the snowball relate to the length of the path created?

3. Guess the object

Look at different things covered with snow and guess what they are. Go back once the snow has melted and see if you recognise the feature.

4. Snow Sculptures

Most people just build snowmen. Make a snow dragon, or a monster instead. The possibilities are endless. Build a miniature yeti or just his giant pair of shoes to stand in. Or, you could create your favourite book character in snow and take a picture to share on World Book Day.

5. White Hunter

Collect together and hide a range of white objects in the snow. Can your friends or family find what you have hidden? Are all the objects truly as white as snow?

6. Funny footprints

Think up new and different footprint tracks in the snow. Instead of walking along, try jumping with both feet together or hopping. Do the hop-scotch. Walk sideways. Skate along and try not to leave a gap between your footprints. Do a funny dance. Is it possible to create an asymmetric pattern when you use both feet?

7. Track animals

Animal and birds leave trails and tracks. Find some tracks and follow them. Do this quietly to avoid frightening any thing or anyone.

8. Frozen Marbles

With all these below zero temperatures,  it might be possible to freeze coloured water inside balloons. Once they have frozen, remove the balloon and you are left with giant marbles or snow bowls!

10. Helping Others

Help the adults clear your paths and driveways to make it safer for people to get around.

However, if it’s getting a little cold outside for you now, there’s plenty you can do to keep busy inside……

1. Snow themed fantasy writing and illustrating

Since today would have been our writing day, think about a fantasy world where it is winter and snowing all year round (think of Narnia).  Write your own fantasy setting for snowy world and, create a fantasy character that lives there.  Think of all our special effects writing techniques and try and include those too.  Draw your character to go with your fantasy story setting.


Yesterday, we talked about persuasive writing techniques.  Create your own persuasive poster about why schools should be open or stay closed on snowy days like today.  See how many of the techniques you can remember!

2. Reading

Catch up/get ahead on your reading and take some extra time to prepare your vocabulary sheet work.  You could also do some vocabulary work on a book that you are reading yourself and share these when we are back in school together for World Book Day.


Think about where we are with our Charlie Bone class novel.  What do you think is going to happen next and why?  Predict what is going to happen to Charlie Bone and his friends at Bloor’s Academy, to Benjamin and Runner Bean and to the mysterious case….

3. Maths

Create you own Number Talks SPLAT! challenges on the computer or by drawing them out.  They could be Fraction SPLATS or Nested SPLATS or, you could come up with your own brand new SPLAT version!



Simplifying and equivalent fractions practise…..





Keep warm P5/6!

Miss Kennedy






On Tuesday the first day back from the holiday we had a pantomime of ‘Cinderella’. We really enjoyed it. After that we were doing the Harvest alphabet for the harvest assembly on Thursday.  Some people came up with really good ideas. The last thing we did on Tuesday was music with Mrs Drummond. In music we learnt a song for the harvest assembly. We also talked about what are favourite thing was from the pantomime.

On Wednesday the first thing we did was some writing. We were doing personal writing. Some people were writing about our class novel character called Peter from ‘Because of Mr.Terupt’.  Others decided to write about themselves. We were writing about our emotions. In our class novel we are at the top of the ‘story mountain’ which means it the most exciting part! After lunch we were doing maths. We were revising our times tables. We were playing a game for our warm up.  We got given four numbers and we had to find the calculation. For our real maths we were doing a mild challenge and we had to do a calculation crossword. The last thing of the day was philosophy with Mrs Hocknull. We watched a video called ‘The girl and the fox’.

On Thursday in the morning we were doing some drawing for the harvest assembly the P5’s were going to. We had to draw fruit and veg that we harvest. Then the P5s had a practise. Then we had maths. We had a times table challenge. That afternoon p5 went to their cluster Harvest assembly at the Lanthorn centre and shared their Harvest alphabet with the pupils from the other schools. 


P5-6 Bloggers this week – Brooke Lockhart and Lachlan Drennan

What in earth????

Last week p7 in science were investigating the structure of the earth.

We researched the different layers of the earth’s structure.

We found out there are 4 different layers.  The inner core is the hottest part of the earth, outer core still extremely hot. Mantle, the thickness of the mantle is 2900km thick and the crust is the thinnest layer.  It is the layer we live on and is between 50-60 km thick.

We decided to make plasticine models of the structure of the earth.  We even tried to match up the continents on the crust!


Inside the models they were different colours representing each layer, inner core,outer core, mantle, crust. We cut the models in half to see the inside of the earth.


This is what it looked like after.


We made labels from our research that gave  information about each layer.


If you want to learn about each layer, go on the websites we went on…….WHY NOT!?








or…..if you learn better through music, how about testing your knowledge with this song…

Blogged by Beth Kinroy and Lucas Stenhouse

Wonderful Work in Primary 1/2

P1/2 have worked very hard this week on counting groups of objects and then adding them together.  We can recognise the add and equals sign and have been learning how to write addition sums.  We have been practising locking the big number in our head to help us count on to quickly find the answer e.g. 5+3 – we lock the 5 in our heads and then count on 6,7,8.  We are getting better at this!

In literacy, we have been busy learning the r, l and ai sounds!  Here is a little clip of us singing along to the ai song.  We hope that you enjoy it!

To help us with blending our sounds to read words we have played some fun games at the teach table this week.  We played a fun game called ‘Win it or Bin it!’ where we rolled three dice to make a word.  We then sounded out our word and decided if it was not a real word we would bin it and if it was a real word we would win it!  It was fun and we made up some funny nonsense words!  We also played BOOM where we picked words out of a bag and used our blending skills to try and read the word.  If someone picked out a BOOM card the game blew up and was over.  The winner was the person or persons with the most cards.  We have also been working on forming all of our letters correctly.

On Thursday, we all dressed up in yellow or something spotty and made a donation to help raise money for Children in Need.  Well done!


Girls just wanna have fun!

On Friday 28th October all the girls in P7 and P6/7 participated in a sports event at JYHS.

Here are some of the things we did there:

  • Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Dance
  • Cardio

Followed by some pictures.november-2016-120                                        Here are the girls who went!


We all really enjoyed themselves thanks to JYHS.


Blogged by Rachel Watters & Amy McMillan

P7 Absolutely Amazing Athletics

Yesterday primary 7 went to Craigshill Leisure Centre to take part in the annual cluster sports day.108


In these pictures we are doing the relay races.We were to run up to a cone then run behind our teams,then back to the front and pass the baton.

Katie says “We came second and third in the final races.”

Deacon says “It was amazing and fun!”

Beth K says “It was entertaining.”

In these pictures below we are doing the standing long jump




We were to stand behind a line and jump as far as we could and try to get as high a score as we could.

Overall, we had a fantastic day.  It was a good opportunity to for teamwork and communication with the people in our class.

Blogged by Euan McCreadie and James Hyland



Confident Individuals in P1/2

P1/2 have had a very busy week and have been working very hard.  In literacy, we have been learning some new sounds.  We learned that ‘t’ is a quiet light blue sound made using your tongue tip and that ‘a’ and ‘i’ are black vowel sounds made by opening your mouth wide like a big tunnel.

We have also been working on holding our pencils properly and forming our sounds correctly in handwriting.  Before we worked in our jotters, we practised writing the sounds on our partner’s backs and the whiteboard.

In maths, we have been working on counting accurately and on reading the number names to 10.  We have been doing lots of work using ten frames and during number talks we have been explaining how we got our answer and have been challenging and defending others answers.

As part of our health work we have been discussing emotions and have been looking at the Inside Out characters and thinking about times when we felt a certain emotion.

Finally, in topic work this week we have been discussing the four seasons and brainstormed some of the things that happen in each season.  We went for a walk around the playground with our buddies and had a chat about some of the signs of autumn that we can look out for.  We have been singing this catchy seasons song – take a peek!

Fun in the Sun!

Primary 1b have been working very hard over the past couple of weeks.  In maths, we have been practising counting in twos and are getting better at this.  Mrs Smail took us outside in small groups to practise jumping in twos along the number line.  She was very impressed with our counting!

On Wednesday this week we enjoyed our sports day.  The weather was very kind to us and we loved having all the parents there to watch us and cheer us on.

Now we are working hard on learning our lines for our assembly next week.  We look forward to presenting this to the nursery children who will be coming into P1 on Wednesday and also to our own parents on Friday.  We very much look forward to seeing you there!

P7, Happy and Healthy!

On Tuesday, Primary 7 took a trip to the James Young High School for their Health Conference.  We enjoyed a day of sporting activities, such as Rugby, Tennis, Handball and Dance.  We found it helpful and interesting to find out our tutor groups and had a chance to meet some new friends.  This trip to JYHS also made us more confident about going up to James Young and us moving on. We met the P.E teachers and Mrs. Hatch (The JYHS head teacher) also spoke to us about or move to JYHS.


Fraser “I really enjoyed meeting my tutor group and meeting new friends.”

Stewart “It was exciting because we got to meet our tutor group.”

Jack “I made a couple of friends. One of their names was Josh.”

Robbie “My favourite activity was definitely handball, it was really fun.”

P7 Bloggers this week: Ryan and Josh