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Sneak Peek at our Week – P5/6

On Monday, we did some spelling. For spelling we wrote our spelling words in our literacy jotters and some groups watched their videos for this week’s spelling zone. Next we did maths. First we did our multiplication square. Then we did some revision on 2D shapes. We had to name the shape that was on the smartboard and how many corners and sides it had. We learnt some new shapes and what a group of shapes were called if they have 4 sides and corners. The group is called quadrilateral. After break we had PE with Mr. Muldon. We did gymnastics. It was fun.  We read our fantasy class novel “Magyk” which is about a boy who finds a baby on the street and takes it home with him. We are enjoying it so far!

On Tuesday, for maths we did some more revision on 2D shapes. After that we got given a shape sheet each to cut out and stick in our jotter, then we had to name it and write the properties of it. We read some more of our class novel ‘Magyk’ . Some people went to choir practise with Mrs Drummond and others stayed with Ms Kennedy to do handwriting. For handwriting we focused on the letters ‘or’, ’ar’ and ‘re’. After that the choir came back and we were designing a vehicle to travel to the centre of the Earth in our sketch books for art. It was too wet to go outside for daily mile so we read some more of ‘Magyk’ instead before music with Mrs Drummond. In music we were practising some songs for our upper school show.

On Wednesday, first thing we listened to some poems. Then we started writing a fantasy scene for writing. Using SEWT (Special Effects Writing Techniques) After break we did some more writing. After lunch we heard a few more poems before some people went to choir. Everyone had to vote on one person to say there poem in front of the whole school. Brooke, Alex, Cole, Carlos and Tiana all got 3 votes but Ms Kennedy still had to do her vote and she voted for Alex because she had the best expression so she said her poem ‘A Dug, A Dug’ in front of the whole school. The choir also sang some songs at our Burns Day. After our Burns Day Assembly we had a quick philosophy session with Mrs Hocknull.

On Thursday, first thing we did vocabulary building where we had to look at a picture and describe it using some adjectives.  Next we did a new number talk called ‘Where’s poly?’.  Then we did a reminder on 3D shapes. After break we did some reading comprehension and then class novel before lunch. After lunch we went to the library and people picked some new library books to read at home. Then we came back to class and did our spelling. We did partner work in spelling.

On Friday, first thing we were finishing off our writing. Then we had assembly, after assembly we started to finish off our properties of 2D shapes and finished it off after break.  Lastly, we had our reward time.

“My favourite part of this week was practising for the school show” By Darcy

“My favourite part of this week was cutting out shapes and writing the properties of shapes in maths” By Caiden

“My favourite part of this week was listening to the Burns poems” By Morgan

“My favourite part of this week was designing a vehicle to go to the centre of the Earth” By Kai Hamilton

Bloggers this week are Brooke Lockhart and Lewis Fraser


On Tuesday the first day back from the holiday we had a pantomime of ‘Cinderella’. We really enjoyed it. After that we were doing the Harvest alphabet for the harvest assembly on Thursday.  Some people came up with really good ideas. The last thing we did on Tuesday was music with Mrs Drummond. In music we learnt a song for the harvest assembly. We also talked about what are favourite thing was from the pantomime.

On Wednesday the first thing we did was some writing. We were doing personal writing. Some people were writing about our class novel character called Peter from ‘Because of Mr.Terupt’.  Others decided to write about themselves. We were writing about our emotions. In our class novel we are at the top of the ‘story mountain’ which means it the most exciting part! After lunch we were doing maths. We were revising our times tables. We were playing a game for our warm up.  We got given four numbers and we had to find the calculation. For our real maths we were doing a mild challenge and we had to do a calculation crossword. The last thing of the day was philosophy with Mrs Hocknull. We watched a video called ‘The girl and the fox’.

On Thursday in the morning we were doing some drawing for the harvest assembly the P5’s were going to. We had to draw fruit and veg that we harvest. Then the P5s had a practise. Then we had maths. We had a times table challenge. That afternoon p5 went to their cluster Harvest assembly at the Lanthorn centre and shared their Harvest alphabet with the pupils from the other schools. 


P5-6 Bloggers this week – Brooke Lockhart and Lachlan Drennan

P1/2 Reporting Back on Last Week!

P1/2 worked really hard last week.   In maths we worked on counting groups of objects accurately and then worked out how many objects there were altogether.

In literacy we learned two new sounds ‘u’ and ‘d’.  We practised writing the sounds and using all of the set 1 sounds to read and make words.  We loved working at the craft table where we made umbrellas and dinosaurs.

We watched a live authors event and were a very attentive audience as the author read her book ‘Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam’.  It was a very funny story and we enjoyed listening to it.  The illustrator of the book showed us step by step how to draw one of the main characters from the book.  It was great fun and we all did really well.  What do you think of our art work?  Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Stewart were very impressed!

Super Sounding Out and Marvellous Maths in P1/2

P1/2 have been using their sounds this week to try to sound out words.  They have been repeating the word a few times before trying to work out the first, middle then end sound.  They are getting really good at it!

In maths, we have been working on forming and sequencing our numbers correctly and have been practising estimating how many objects we can see.  We managed some good estimates and could spot when our estimates were much too high or much too low!

We were also very lucky to have a MoneySense workshop this week where a member of staff from the Royal Bank of Scotland came to work with us.  Miss Graham also kindly helped us out as we moved round three different activities and explored how we use money.

We finished off our busy week with some fun in the structured play area.  We enjoyed lots of activities including dressing up, building with construction materials, being creative at the art table and playing a healthy foods game with Miss Campbell.

Enjoy the holiday boys and girls, you deserve a break after all your hard work this term. I look forward to seeing you all again next term for more fun filled learning!

Another Funfilled Week in P1/2

Where to start!

This week we enjoyed some good weather and went outside for our daily mile.  The children walked well and showed good stamina.

In maths we have learned lots of different things.  We have been working on recognising and sorting the coins to £2.

We have been revising 2D shapes and have been thinking about their properties.

We have also been working hard on forming our numbers correctly and on sequencing the numbers in the right order.  We are getting better at this!

We are also working on reading and writing the number names and are beginning to be able to sound out some of the words.

As well as all this maths we were also working on our sounds.  We have begun using the colourful consonants mouth parts to spell out words and are continuing to practise forming our sounds correctly.

Keep up the good work Primary 1/2 and keep up the good growth mindset – keep thinking I can’t do it …….yet!!

P1/2 Go Dotty!

Today, P1/2 read Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews.  The children then worked independently to choose the number of black dots that they wanted to use in their pictures and then created a masterpiece around their dots.  We were all very impressed and enjoyed looking at all the pieces of work and talking about how many dots had been used.  Let us know what you think – try leaving us a comment!

Working hard after our mid term break!

Caiden has enjoyed working with chimney sums to do his adding. Farrah thought that it was interesting asking the class questions to collect information for her tally chart. She found it lots of fun. Jack really enjoyed using the information to draw his graph.

We had lots of fun on Thursday when William from SmallTalk came in to speak French with the children and to show them some games. It was quite challenging remembering which word used a le and which one used a la. Lots of games kept us busy and active as we learned new words about the family and practised some of the French language we already know.

Emma and Carlos used their IT skills well to find out information on endangered animals which was part of our work on the world’s largest lesson. Lewis liked using the information he’d found to make a poster. Tiana learned that elephants are one of the most endangered species. If we don’t stop the poaching, there will be no elephants left in 25 years time! They will be extinct. It is important that we all look after our planet.

P3 Homework Week Beginning 5th September

A big thank-you to Arran and Katie for their kind words  on our class blog. I really like to hear what you have to say about the suggested websites. To show myappreciation I’ve awarded you both with a Dojo point.


Try out this interactive resource.

Either blog back a reply or write an evaluation statement in your jotter.


Maths Challenge


Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework – Term 1

Directions: Please choose a different activity to complete each week. After you complete the activity, ask a parent/guardian to initial the box.   All written work is expected to be turned in neat and complete.

1. Write your words 3 times each. 2. Put your words in alphabetical order. 3. Use each word in a sentence. 4. Rainbow words: write your words in 1 colour, then trace over with different colours.
5. Use all of your words in a story. 6. Use all of your spelling words in a friendly letter. 7. Write the definition for each of your words. 8. Write your words. Circle vowels with blue and consonants with red.
9. Visit spelling city.com. Enter your words and choose a game to play. 10. Type your words 3x’s each on a computer. Print them out. 11. Find or draw pictures of your words. Glue them on paper and label the pictures. 12. Make newspaper

headlines or a poem with your spelling words.


Mrs Sinclair