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What a lot of rubbish!!!

P4/5 & P4 Litter Pickers clean up Kenilworth Rise

Today we went out to do some litter picking round about the school to help the environment. We found a load of rubbish just down the path a short way from the school gate.

There was everything from polystyrene packing, pieces of metal and a plank of wood to cans, cigarette ends and sweetie papers.  It was really messy but now the bits that we have been to are clean.

We feel proud of the difference that this has made to our local community. We picked up two big bags of rubbish and P4 picked up the same.

Everybody needs to remember to put their rubbish in the bin so as not to hurt nature. You can help our area become a better place by picking up litter. Remember! Don’t Drop It! Put it in your pocket!

Uke out!! P4/5 musicians at large!!

P4 have been practising their ukulele skills over the past few weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed their time with Gordon who has been their instructor. They’ve practised different chords, kept time by clapping along to music and can sing and play a variety of songs- very impressive! Everyone is looking forward to our Ukulele Fling at Howden Park Centre on Monday where they will be meeting up to all play together. Uke out Howden Park!!

World Book Day

As part of World Book Day the nursery  children had the opportunity to dress up as characters from various books and they also had the pleasure of  Primary 4 and Primary 4/5 children sharing stories with them. Some older children brought books to share with others and some children borrowed the nursery books.

We even managed  a wee play together after sharing their love of reading.

P4/5 Slippers in school

P4/5 have decided to wear slippers in school. We got this idea from Newsround.

This is the link of the video we watched.

We thought of this idea so we all decided to go and talk to Mrs Stewart. P4/5 are trialling this for the week and then we will report back to Mrs Stewart this week. Then we might extend the trial for the whole of Bankton if Mrs Stewart says it is okay.

Written by Brooke, Erin, Carlos, Morgan and Zoe.img_0268

The team – we like wearing our slippers in school!

A Magical Movie Night

Thank you everyone for coming to the P4 and P4/5 Christmas enterprise on Thursday 8th December. We are grateful that everyone came. Did you like all of the Christmassy food like the biscuits and peppermint creams and of course all of the Christmassy decorations – reindeer lolly pops, candy cane mice, skittle boxes, pyramid bags and the sweetie bags? We hope everyone who came enjoyed it.  We raised just over £275 which we are going to spend on our school playground/ grounds.

by Brooke and Abbie (Enterprise Managers)

Autumn is here in P4/5

In writing we have been using lots of adjectives, adverbs and similes to write an Autumn senses poem. Lucy and Erin were star writers. We are going to make a display from these once we have made fair copies. Watch this space for a photograph next week!!!

We have been learning how to tell the time on the clock. Darcy thinks that it is fun. Zoe thinks that 24 hour time is quite tricky but she is enjoying working with it. Sometimes the questions are quite challenging.

We have been working hard on our health work where we have been focusing on emotions. It has been ‘incredible’ and it’s going to be very exciting letting parents know what we have been doing on 18th November.


Our star reader this week was Kai who read with lots of expression.

Next week, we are lucky enough to be going to Bibleworld. We’ll let you know how we get on.

Working hard after our mid term break!

Caiden has enjoyed working with chimney sums to do his adding. Farrah thought that it was interesting asking the class questions to collect information for her tally chart. She found it lots of fun. Jack really enjoyed using the information to draw his graph.

We had lots of fun on Thursday when William from SmallTalk came in to speak French with the children and to show them some games. It was quite challenging remembering which word used a le and which one used a la. Lots of games kept us busy and active as we learned new words about the family and practised some of the French language we already know.

Emma and Carlos used their IT skills well to find out information on endangered animals which was part of our work on the world’s largest lesson. Lewis liked using the information he’d found to make a poster. Tiana learned that elephants are one of the most endangered species. If we don’t stop the poaching, there will be no elephants left in 25 years time! They will be extinct. It is important that we all look after our planet.

P4/5’s second week back!

In maths we were doing number talks. We were using different strategies to help us improve our mental maths. This week we have been working on partitioning numbers and adding them up.

We have learned that a prefix is two or three letters that are added to the start of a word that make things mean the opposite of the word. P4s have been enjoying learning new words and thinking hard about how we break words into sounds.

We have learned a bit about how our brains work and that we can have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Everyone enjoyed the Ormie video. We will all be working hard to learn new things with a positive attitude.