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Happy World Book Day P5/6!

Since we are not able to work together in school today I’ve put together some things you can to do to get into the spirit of World Book Day!  You can choose any from the list and you can work on your own or collaborate with others……I’m sure you are in touch with each other!


  • There are 3 departments at Bloor’s Academy, Music, Drama and Art. Think about your skills and talents.  What department would you be in and why?


  • At Bloor’s Academy, the pupils have to wear capes in different colours to show what department they belong to, blue for Music, purple for Drama and green for Art. Design a different item (instead of a cape) for your Bloor’s Academy uniform to show what department you belong to.  What do you have at home that you could use to make your design in real life?  Take a photo so that you can share when we’re back in class!


  • Bloor’s Academy is an old and spooky building with towers, stone spiral staircases, echoing corridors and doors that haven’t been opened for years. Have a look around at home and see if you have any materials you could use to make a model of Boor’s Academy.  Boxes and cartons would work or, Lego.  If you don’t want to build a model, you could draw your version of Bloor’s Academy.


  • Charlie had a tough first week at Bloor’s Academy. Imagine you are Charlie and write a personal diary for the first few days at your new school.  Use your Emotion Works cogs to explain how you are feeling about your new life and why.



  • Charlie Bone has an unusual talent. When Charlie looks at photographs, he can hear the people in the photos talking and the sounds happening around them.  Choose a photograph that you have at home and write down what Charlie would hear if he looked at your picture, voices and sound effects!


  • Mr Onimous is a mysterious figure in the story so far. He pops up randomly with his three very mysterious cats, ‘The Flames’.  If Charlie Bone was made into a film, I think Mr Omimous and the Flames would have their own music.  It would play when they were about to appear and when they were on screen.  Write your own words for an ‘Onimous and Flames’ song.  You can compose your own tune or fit the words to a piece of music or song you already know.


And, if you’ve worked too hard on all of that, relax,  sit back with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy two super ‘Biggest Book Show on Earth’ films with authors and illustrators sharing stories.



There are outdoor ideas and Maths activity links in my post from yesterday if you missed it!

See you all soon.

Miss Kennedy

Girls just wanna have fun!

On Friday 28th October all the girls in P7 and P6/7 participated in a sports event at JYHS.

Here are some of the things we did there:

  • Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Dance
  • Cardio

Followed by some pictures.november-2016-120                                        Here are the girls who went!


We all really enjoyed themselves thanks to JYHS.


Blogged by Rachel Watters & Amy McMillan

Chefs in P1a and P1/2!

Huge thanks go to Miss Campbell who showed off her cooking skills today when she worked with some children from P1a and P1/2 to prepare the vegetables that we harvested last week to make a delicious pot of soup.  The children did really well chopping and grating the vegetables and thoroughly enjoyed tasting the delicious soup.  One pupil did describe the soup as being better than gran’s carrot soup however we did advise her not to say that to gran!!  Well done boys and girls – great work!

Another Funfilled Week in P1/2

Where to start!

This week we enjoyed some good weather and went outside for our daily mile.  The children walked well and showed good stamina.

In maths we have learned lots of different things.  We have been working on recognising and sorting the coins to £2.

We have been revising 2D shapes and have been thinking about their properties.

We have also been working hard on forming our numbers correctly and on sequencing the numbers in the right order.  We are getting better at this!

We are also working on reading and writing the number names and are beginning to be able to sound out some of the words.

As well as all this maths we were also working on our sounds.  We have begun using the colourful consonants mouth parts to spell out words and are continuing to practise forming our sounds correctly.

Keep up the good work Primary 1/2 and keep up the good growth mindset – keep thinking I can’t do it …….yet!!

P7 Absolutely Amazing Athletics

Yesterday primary 7 went to Craigshill Leisure Centre to take part in the annual cluster sports day.108


In these pictures we are doing the relay races.We were to run up to a cone then run behind our teams,then back to the front and pass the baton.

Katie says “We came second and third in the final races.”

Deacon says “It was amazing and fun!”

Beth K says “It was entertaining.”

In these pictures below we are doing the standing long jump




We were to stand behind a line and jump as far as we could and try to get as high a score as we could.

Overall, we had a fantastic day.  It was a good opportunity to for teamwork and communication with the people in our class.

Blogged by Euan McCreadie and James Hyland



Pokemon Go

Welcome back to all our parents and families – we hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed your family time together. Please check out our August newsletter for this term’s up and coming events.

Many of our children have shared in conversation how much they have enjoyed playing Pokemon Go during the holidays.

Pokemon Go2

NSPCC have produced a Parents’ Guide on how to keep your child safe while using this game.

Please see the link below for more info


Fun in the Sun!

Primary 1b have been working very hard over the past couple of weeks.  In maths, we have been practising counting in twos and are getting better at this.  Mrs Smail took us outside in small groups to practise jumping in twos along the number line.  She was very impressed with our counting!

On Wednesday this week we enjoyed our sports day.  The weather was very kind to us and we loved having all the parents there to watch us and cheer us on.

Now we are working hard on learning our lines for our assembly next week.  We look forward to presenting this to the nursery children who will be coming into P1 on Wednesday and also to our own parents on Friday.  We very much look forward to seeing you there!

P7, Happy and Healthy!

On Tuesday, Primary 7 took a trip to the James Young High School for their Health Conference.  We enjoyed a day of sporting activities, such as Rugby, Tennis, Handball and Dance.  We found it helpful and interesting to find out our tutor groups and had a chance to meet some new friends.  This trip to JYHS also made us more confident about going up to James Young and us moving on. We met the P.E teachers and Mrs. Hatch (The JYHS head teacher) also spoke to us about or move to JYHS.


Fraser “I really enjoyed meeting my tutor group and meeting new friends.”

Stewart “It was exciting because we got to meet our tutor group.”

Jack “I made a couple of friends. One of their names was Josh.”

Robbie “My favourite activity was definitely handball, it was really fun.”

P7 Bloggers this week: Ryan and Josh

Go P6 Go!

P6 had great fun today carrying out their interval training! Meeting Liam Davie was really inspirational too.

Here we are in action, we were quite exhausted by the time we had finished 7 minutes later – perhaps we need to work on our fitness levels?

It was a big thumbs up from all of us!

IMG_8421 IMG_8423 IMG_8425 IMG_8427 IMG_8429 IMG_8432

Article 31

Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.