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Working hard after our mid term break!

Caiden has enjoyed working with chimney sums to do his adding. Farrah thought that it was interesting asking the class questions to collect information for her tally chart. She found it lots of fun. Jack really enjoyed using the information to draw his graph.

We had lots of fun on Thursday when William from SmallTalk came in to speak French with the children and to show them some games. It was quite challenging remembering which word used a le and which one used a la. Lots of games kept us busy and active as we learned new words about the family and practised some of the French language we already know.

Emma and Carlos used their IT skills well to find out information on endangered animals which was part of our work on the world’s largest lesson. Lewis liked using the information he’d found to make a poster. Tiana learned that elephants are one of the most endangered species. If we don’t stop the poaching, there will be no elephants left in 25 years time! They will be extinct. It is important that we all look after our planet.

French is Fun!

Pupils are learning about different parts of the body in class. We have been singing , ” Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” in French as well as designing our own monster. This has let us use our reading and writing skills. We also used our talking skills when we described our monster to someone else.

mon monstre pictures 004 mon monstre pictures 003 mon monstre pictures 002

We are looking forwards to finding out all about different types of food and studying the story of “Camille, la petite Chenille”- The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Sur le Pont d’Avignon

Last week the girls and boys in the nursery were introduced to Camembear’s new friend Loulou who has come for a visit after the Easter holidays. Everyone said ‘Bonjou’ to Loulou and told her their name when asked ‘Comment tu t’appelles?’


During their holiday in France, Loulou and Camembear went to Avignon and had their photograph taken on the bridge there. We put Loulou and Camembear in the middle of a circle and danced around them singing the song ‘Sur le pont d’Avignon’.

Nursery French April 013

The boys had to bow and the girls had to curtsy during the song.Nursery French April 006Nursery French April 009

Everyone had fun singing and doing the actions. Loulou and Camembear were very happy as it reminded them of their holiday.

Fantastic French in P1b

P1b had a special visitor today as Mrs Keegan came along from St. Ninians Primary to work on some French with us.  Mrs Keegan was impressed with the super listening skills and with the French speaking too.  The children managed to tell Mrs Keegan and Sophie the Elephant their name, how they were feeling, they sang some songs in French and even played a colour game!  Well done boys and girls you should all be super proud of yourselves!


French Language Nuts!!

Pupils from P4-7 have started using a new website called www.languagenut.com. Everyone has their own password and can access the site from home as well as school to practise their French. There are lots of games to play as well as a test zone where you can show off your knowledge and build your own medal table- great fun and a super challenge. Get nutty and practise that French! Have fun!


French in the Nursery- Camembear et les couleurs

Girls and boys in the nursery have been having fun and learning French with a new friend- Camembear. Camembear is a very friendly bear who is sometimes mischievous! He can only speak in French so the girls and boys are learning how to speak to him in his own language. They can say “bonjour” and “au revoir” . Camembear had fun with this as every time they said “au revoir”, he went flying off the flag into the air!



We have been learning how to say the different colours. Everyone is very good at recognising  bleu (blue), blanc (white) and rouge(red) and can pick out these colours when asked. These colours are everywhere!





This week we have been working at learning the colour rose (pink). It was great fun dancing and playing our corners game to work at practising our colours.


We have also been learning how to say how we are feeling. You can see more on our French display in the Nursery.

Message from Benmore

Many thanks to staff who contacted me both last night and this morning to reassure me that all is well at camp. Our P.7s thoroughly enjoyed their soggy, muddy activities on Monday afternoon and relished the challenges of the Nightwalk in the pitch dark which proved to be a great team building and bonding experience. All children were exhausted and in bed by 9.30pm.

Needless to say, the girls were up early and organised for breakfast while the boys …….. had to be wakened and encouraged to get out of bed by the teachers! After scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast they were looking forward to a day of varied activities which included orienteering, climbing and abseiling, forest walk and mountain biking.

Ms Kennedy reported that there had been a light dusting of snow everywhere which made the landscape particularly beautiful. I look forward to the photographs!

P.7 who are not at camp have enjoyed William Morris art work and additional outdoor tyre park time with Mrs. Ferguson and The Supermarket project and French activities including singing with Mrs. Balfour.