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MacMillan Coffee Morning

Some of the nursery children visited the MacMillan Coffee morning to spend some pennies buying some cakes while helping out a valuable charity. They kept their cakes in the nursery and took them home at the nursery end of the session.

As part of MacMillan Coffee Morning the morning nursery children made a chocolate crispie cake which they took home.


Today in the nursery the children had an opportunity to say goodbye to our butterflies as we released them from their net in to great big world.

We were all very sad as some of the butterflies did not emerge from their cocoons as they were not hanging from the lid properly .


As we are learning about different life cycles in the nursery we visited the Lanthorn Pond to see the new life there. We first walked around the larger pond at the woods and managed to see mummy duck swimming with her ducklings.

We then visited the smaller pond and visited the swan and their cygnets.