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Lots of learning in P2

This week P2 have been learning how to spell ‘qu’ words. Some of the words that we have learned are:

  • quick
  • quiet
  • queen
  • quit
  • quack

Matthew: ‘I learned how to do the Jolly Grammar action for qu‘ (which is to make a beak with your hands like a duck quacking).

Ayla: ‘I liked helping Geraldine the Giraffe find lots of qu words’.

Kiernan: ‘I learned how to spell the word queen’.

Andrew: ‘I really liked watching the qu video on alphablocks’.


During science the children learned all about day and night through a torch and globe experiment. We looked at different nocturnal animals and wondered if there were any of these animals living in our own gardens!


Today P2 worked very hard and had lots of fun during our maths open morning. The children were developing their ordering, counting and adding skills within numeracy through practical activities.

Izaak: ‘I learned how to put all of the numbers in order on the computer game’.

Nicole: ‘I learned how to make a black and white pattern’.

Kieran: ‘I have been learning how to count t0 100 all week’.

Thank you to everyone who came to P2 during the open morning. It was great to see so many of you there to support your child.


This week Kiernan Hunter won the class prize for earning so many dojo points this week. Well done Kiernan!


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Thanks for visiting Primary 6!

Nikita loved the Open Morning as she had fun both doing the gym activity and performing in the choir.

Harry felt it was almost like a mini sports day!

Jaime particularly liked racing her grandad in the shuttle runs – Jaime won!

Amy loved singing in the choir and especially that she helped Mrs Stewart to shed a wee tear!

Beth Mc found it fun when her mum joined in with her on the step-ups- she might have sore legs tomorrow though!

Daryl liked listening to the choir but wondered when the whole school would get to hear them.

We were pleased with all the comments from the kind parents who took time out to visit us and watch us learn.


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