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What in earth????

Last week p7 in science were investigating the structure of the earth.

We researched the different layers of the earth’s structure.

We found out there are 4 different layers.  The inner core is the hottest part of the earth, outer core still extremely hot. Mantle, the thickness of the mantle is 2900km thick and the crust is the thinnest layer.  It is the layer we live on and is between 50-60 km thick.

We decided to make plasticine models of the structure of the earth.  We even tried to match up the continents on the crust!


Inside the models they were different colours representing each layer, inner core,outer core, mantle, crust. We cut the models in half to see the inside of the earth.


This is what it looked like after.


We made labels from our research that gave  information about each layer.


If you want to learn about each layer, go on the websites we went on…….WHY NOT!?








or…..if you learn better through music, how about testing your knowledge with this song…

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Spring has sprung….in P7a at least!


It might not feel like or look anything like Spring outside but, it’s a whole other story in P7 Science this week!  We are investigating how flowering plants reproduce so, it’s time for some dissection!

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Josh “It was more fun than a normal lesson!”

Ellis “I liked learning about the pollination, fertilisation and germination.”

Robbie “It’s cool to see the inside of a flower properly.”

Ryan “I didn’t know that was how flowers reproduced.”

Amber “I liked learning the parts of the flowers even though I sneezed a lot!”


Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

Beanstalk Success!

Well done to Nathan Campbell (and his family) who have tenderly been looking after the beanstalk which Nathan planted in school and then took home.  After hearing about how well it was growing at parents evening I couldn’t resist asking for a photo and have to say I am very impressed!  If anyone else is having success with their beanstalk then we would love to see it!  Well done!!

Nathan C beanstalk

Sensational Scientists @ the JYHS Science Fair

Congratulations to our P.7 Scientists who presented their projects with confidence and flair at the Science Fair on Monday night. The Science Fair was an excellent way to showcase their skills of predicting, experimenting and evaluating. Thank you also to the parents and families who came to encourage our P.7s – it was great to share our learning with you. We were very proud when Fraser Muir was awarded 1st Prize for his mould experiment, based around the question:

‘Mum, do I really have to wash my hands?’

The answer was a definite YES!!!

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Titanic Science Skills in P.6

Miss Lovett, P.6 Student teacher, delivered an exciting Science lesson today on mass and density in P.6. The class worked well in collaborative groups to predict, check and evaluate their ‘Egg speriment’ and report on their findings.

They then helped Mrs Stewart to evaluate the lesson saying:

‘Miss Lovett is very well organised’

‘She uses humour in her lessons’

‘She values your answers and gives good feedback’

‘She gave clear instructions for the experiment’

Positive feedback from pupils Miss Lovett – well done!

image image image image

Primary 2/3 had fun with Science.

We tried some activities like – drawing circles on paper; taking a pencil from the pencil pot and putting it back; building a tower of five cubes, using the same colour; hopping and jumping and clapping.  These activities were all very easy but then we tried them again with our eyes tight shut.  Some of them suddenly became very tricky.

Brooke – building a tower of five cubes with your eyes shut was hard because you had to get the same colour.

Zoe – drawing the circle on the piece of paper with your eyes shut was difficult as you drew different shapes.

Darcy – taking the pencil out and putting it back was tricky with your eyes shut.

We discovered that for some activities we need our eyes and our hands to communicate with our brains to make them easy.  This is called hand-eye co-ordination.

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What’s going on inside

This was a great activity, we had to draw round someone in our group, then we thought about what we know about our bodies, we looked closely at our bodies, we listened to our friends bodies to see if we could work out what parts are inside our bodies and draw them on the person on the paper.  We did really well, but we didn’t get everything correct.  Mrs Horne showed us pictures on the SMARTboard so we could see where the organs really were.



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We spent some time outside in the sunshine investigating our shadows; we checked they belonged to us by watching closely that they did everything we did.  We tried to make interesting shadow shapes and we also tried to jump on our friends’ shadow, but they had to stop us.  Finally we tried making ‘shadow monsters’ but the sun decided to go behind a cloud and spoiled our fun.

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This week we have had a lot of fun activities too – the firs tone of these was on Wednesday.  We had a Judo taster session, we all had great fun.

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Science Week

As this week is science week, P1 have been busy learning about floating and sinking.  We devised a floating and sinking experiment using a variety of fruits and predicted whether the different fruits would float or sink.  Yesterday, we carried out our experiment and recorded our results.  Harvey thought the experiment was amazing while Izaak found the results really puzzling!

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Primary 6 were secret agents this week!


This week in Primary 6…

We were set a secret mission by Jamie Bond to investigate how air resistance affects motion. This meant we carried out two experiments – one creating a spinner and one making parachutes. Kai really enjoyed making three different sized parachutes. Charlize liked making the spinners to test air resistance with Mrs Lough. Owen learned that the bigger  surface area an object has, the slower it will fall.

In Maths Steven found symmetry difficult to begin with but slowly has got the hang of it and can even create symmetrical patterns. Stephanie T enjoyed creating a pie chart from a survey about school uniform. Billy enjoyed measuring using an interactive game.

Ewan thoroughly enjoyed making the most of the sunshine and joining with P6/7 for an hour of rounders. I think everyone agrees with Ewan! Hopefully if the weather continues we can do this every week! Mrs M will NOT be wearing high heels next time however!


This week we enjoyed a visit form Mr Bethune, a science teacher from JYHS. He taught us about light and reflection.  We got to take part in a couple of experiments.  The first one was shining a light onto a mirror and tracing the reflection to see where it went.  The second one was using convex and concave lenses, we shone a light through each lens and traced what happened to it. Here are diagrams showing what we learned.

This is what the class thought:

Cassie – I enjoyed it because I learned something new about convex and concave lenses.

Ewan – I thought it was cool when Mr Bethune was reflecting the laser pointer on to the smartboard using a mirror.

Alexander – I liked it when Mr Bethune put coloured filters in front of the projector. It made the colours on the screen look different.

Rebecca – I enjoyed Mr Bethune’s visit because we learned about ray boxes.

Electrical Madness!

In Science this week we tried to make a buzzer buzz, it was extremely noisy.  Katie D

We were trying to make a circuit, it was tricky.  Kai

Jamie found it quite difficult to find things in the class that would complete a circuit and light a lamp.

We also had to use a switch to turn a lamp on and off.  This was especially hard because my group didn’t connect the switch to the wires correctly at first!  Stephanie

During team time this week the Rights Respecting group and the Pupil Council were organising the ‘Day for Change’ to raise money for poorer countries.  Expect more information about this soon.