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Bankton Severe Weather Arrangements

Bankton Primary School shares Janitorial Staff with Dedridge Primary and St. Ninian’s Primary throughout the day. This can put pressure on the early shift in severe weather where the Janitor has responsibility for opening three schools, clearing and gritting paths.

WLC require janitorial staff to clear ONE path designated a safe route into school. In Bankton we have designated TWO paths for this purpose.

The path from the Mowbray Rise gate to the Breakfast Club door and the Zig Zag path to the Infant door will always be gritted early in the morning. The steps at the front of the building will also be gritted to ensure safe access. When the children are inside the building they will be supervised by early arrival staff in the great hall until the start of the day. The playground will be assessed for risk at break and at lunchtime and pupils supervised indoors if there is still a risk from ice / snow.

Any parent or child with disability should always come to the school car park and park in the disabled space, entering the building via the steps.

We would ask you to be aware that in EXTREME conditions, grit scattered at 6am will have little effect, so please wear sensible footwear and stick to the cleared paths.

Thank you for your co-operation with health and safety in our learning community.

Mrs. Stewart, Headteacher