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Happy World Book Day P5/6!

Since we are not able to work together in school today I’ve put together some things you can to do to get into the spirit of World Book Day!  You can choose any from the list and you can work on your own or collaborate with others……I’m sure you are in touch with each other!


  • There are 3 departments at Bloor’s Academy, Music, Drama and Art. Think about your skills and talents.  What department would you be in and why?


  • At Bloor’s Academy, the pupils have to wear capes in different colours to show what department they belong to, blue for Music, purple for Drama and green for Art. Design a different item (instead of a cape) for your Bloor’s Academy uniform to show what department you belong to.  What do you have at home that you could use to make your design in real life?  Take a photo so that you can share when we’re back in class!


  • Bloor’s Academy is an old and spooky building with towers, stone spiral staircases, echoing corridors and doors that haven’t been opened for years. Have a look around at home and see if you have any materials you could use to make a model of Boor’s Academy.  Boxes and cartons would work or, Lego.  If you don’t want to build a model, you could draw your version of Bloor’s Academy.


  • Charlie had a tough first week at Bloor’s Academy. Imagine you are Charlie and write a personal diary for the first few days at your new school.  Use your Emotion Works cogs to explain how you are feeling about your new life and why.



  • Charlie Bone has an unusual talent. When Charlie looks at photographs, he can hear the people in the photos talking and the sounds happening around them.  Choose a photograph that you have at home and write down what Charlie would hear if he looked at your picture, voices and sound effects!


  • Mr Onimous is a mysterious figure in the story so far. He pops up randomly with his three very mysterious cats, ‘The Flames’.  If Charlie Bone was made into a film, I think Mr Omimous and the Flames would have their own music.  It would play when they were about to appear and when they were on screen.  Write your own words for an ‘Onimous and Flames’ song.  You can compose your own tune or fit the words to a piece of music or song you already know.


And, if you’ve worked too hard on all of that, relax,  sit back with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy two super ‘Biggest Book Show on Earth’ films with authors and illustrators sharing stories.



There are outdoor ideas and Maths activity links in my post from yesterday if you missed it!

See you all soon.

Miss Kennedy

Uke out!! P4/5 musicians at large!!

P4 have been practising their ukulele skills over the past few weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed their time with Gordon who has been their instructor. They’ve practised different chords, kept time by clapping along to music and can sing and play a variety of songs- very impressive! Everyone is looking forward to our Ukulele Fling at Howden Park Centre on Monday where they will be meeting up to all play together. Uke out Howden Park!!

A Magical Movie Night

Thank you everyone for coming to the P4 and P4/5 Christmas enterprise on Thursday 8th December. We are grateful that everyone came. Did you like all of the Christmassy food like the biscuits and peppermint creams and of course all of the Christmassy decorations – reindeer lolly pops, candy cane mice, skittle boxes, pyramid bags and the sweetie bags? We hope everyone who came enjoyed it.  We raised just over £275 which we are going to spend on our school playground/ grounds.

by Brooke and Abbie (Enterprise Managers)

What in earth????

Last week p7 in science were investigating the structure of the earth.

We researched the different layers of the earth’s structure.

We found out there are 4 different layers.  The inner core is the hottest part of the earth, outer core still extremely hot. Mantle, the thickness of the mantle is 2900km thick and the crust is the thinnest layer.  It is the layer we live on and is between 50-60 km thick.

We decided to make plasticine models of the structure of the earth.  We even tried to match up the continents on the crust!


Inside the models they were different colours representing each layer, inner core,outer core, mantle, crust. We cut the models in half to see the inside of the earth.


This is what it looked like after.


We made labels from our research that gave  information about each layer.


If you want to learn about each layer, go on the websites we went on…….WHY NOT!?








or…..if you learn better through music, how about testing your knowledge with this song…

Blogged by Beth Kinroy and Lucas Stenhouse


This week P7 went to Sky Academy and had a SPECTACULAR time!



P7 made their own news report with the help of the Sky Academy team.

We have been using our listening, teamwork, co-operation and being a responsible citizen and representing Bankton Primary School.

P7  want to thank all the Sky Academy staff who trusted us with their expensive equipment, such as their £60,000 cameras and also their editing computers.

Special thanks to our helpers,Chris,Camy,Leanne and Alan!!!!!


november-2016-151 november-2016-156

P7 had their own tour around Sky so when they are older they will know choices there are for jobs there.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU SKY ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Spring has sprung….in P7a at least!


It might not feel like or look anything like Spring outside but, it’s a whole other story in P7 Science this week!  We are investigating how flowering plants reproduce so, it’s time for some dissection!

016 014 012 010 009 007 006 005 004

Josh “It was more fun than a normal lesson!”

Ellis “I liked learning about the pollination, fertilisation and germination.”

Robbie “It’s cool to see the inside of a flower properly.”

Ryan “I didn’t know that was how flowers reproduced.”

Amber “I liked learning the parts of the flowers even though I sneezed a lot!”


Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

Fairyland Restored!

Happy Easter to everyone from Mrs Lloyd and P1b.

IMG_1257 IMG_1255IMG_1256  IMG_1254





P1b were delighted to receive a letter from the dragon today thanking them for the wallpaper that they worked alongside P1a to design.  The children worked together in mixed teams to share ideas and resources and to design some fairytale wallpaper to brighten up the friendly dragons new castle.  The dragon loved the wallpaper and sneaked into school last night to collect it.  He has already hung it up in the castle and the gingerbread man has already popped by to have a peek!  Doesn’t it look fantastic?!

IMG_1251 IMG_1250  IMG_1247IMG_1235 IMG_1246IMG_1248 IMG_1245IMG_1238IMG_1239 IMG_1236 IMG_1243IMG_1234  IMG_1242












JYHS Cluster Learning Festival

Thank you to all Bankton pupils, staff and parents who worked so hard to make the JYHS Cluster Family Learning Festival in Crofthead Centre such a success. This event was planned and prepared by the Cluster Support for Learning Professional Learning Group, led by Emily Sinclair, Bankton’s Support for Learning Teacher.

Our Bankton pupils spoke knowledgeably and articulately as ‘expert helpers’ for the day, talking about their learning strategies and supports and demonstrating how they use them.

The feedback from everyone who attended was very positive. Thank you to all of our parents for the amazing turn out!

image image image image image image image

Bankton Think Tank Visit Meldrum Primary School

Five members of the Bankton Think Tank went to visit Meldrum Primary School to meet their Pupil Council. They took the Think Tank Floorbook with lots of interesting questions to ask the pupils and the headteacher. We learned lots about the working of another school, shared good ideas about learning and came back with lots to discuss at our next Think Tank meeting with Mrs. Stewart. Ryan said it was a good way to make sure that both schools were trying to improve outcomes for learners. Many thanks to Meldrum pupils for making us feel welcome.

image image image image

JYHS Cluster Successful PolliNATION Bid

The James Young Cluster Schools have made a successful bid for funding for a polliNATION project to plant wildflower meadows to attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Children from all four schools met in Williamston Primary for a celebration photograph. We are all looking forward to saving our bees.

Many thanks to Ben Mason and Emma Colligan for representing Bankton.

Pupils from the JYHS Cluster celebrate a successful bid for funding
Pupils from the JYHS Cluster celebrate a successful bid for funding