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P6 are hoping to be Tenner Tycoons after a visit to the Dragon’s Den…

You could hear a pin drop in P6 this morning as each company was finalising budgets and preparing pitches to enter the Dragon’s Den with the best possible chance of gaining an investment. But just who will be the Dragons? Watch this space to find out!

P6 have been set a design brief to create and produce a Fairtrade product. By taking in part in this enterprising activity we hope to show that Fairtrade isn’t just about a fortnight a year… it is important ALL year round!

Article 29

Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.

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Fairtrade Fortnight

As its Fairtrade Fortnight P1b have been learning all about Fairtrade.  We met Pablo the banana (on the smartboard!) who told us about banana farmers and how hard they work.  We were sad to hear that some farmers work very hard but don’t get a fair price for their goods.  We took part in some drama a
ctivities and pretended to be banana farmers.  Some farmers got a fair price and felt happy, other farmers only got a small amount of money and felt sad.  We also sorted some pictures on the smartboard and learned about what th fairtrade logo looks like.


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Primary 4 update!

As it is Fair trade Fortnight, we went along to the local Sainsbury’s store for a Fair trade treasure hunt! We searched the store for as many Fair trade products as we could! We looked out for the Fair trade logo and we took a photograph of the different items we could find and added it to our list.

‘I enjoyed working together with my group.’ Beth K

‘It was really fun and it was really enjoyable as well.’ Euan

‘Our group found 14 different items with the Fair trade logo on it.’ Sommer

‘Now I know what the Fair trade logo looks like and I drew a picture of this when I went home to show my mum.’ Josh

‘My group found that Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream is Fair trade.’ Ciara

We dressed up as our favourite characters on World Book Day and we visited the Lanthorn for a special service with other primary four classes from nearby schools. We had to select a song to sing and we selected ‘Build Up.’ We also had a few speakers from our class who shared some of their favourite stories.

‘At the Lanthorn we heard that the bible has lots of stories in it.’ Deacon

‘There was a box with stuff in it and when we picked something out it reminded Rev. Hine about different stories and he told us them.’ Arran.

‘I really liked how some of the children told us about some stories we had never heard before.’ Lily

We have been learning about internet safety and this week our focus was cyber bullying. ‘If somebody annoys you online then you should tell your mum and dad.’ Sophie

‘We have started to make an internet safety pamphlet to let people know how they can stay safe online.’ Laurie-Anne

‘ We have been learning about the SMART tips for internet safety and T is for Tell. Tell a responsible adult if someone is mean.

In maths this week we have been focusing on division. We now know what the sign looks like and we have been sharing equally and recording our calculations. Our times tables can really help us here!

‘Division needs to have the big number first and then the smaller number.’ Niamh

‘To check you have the right answer you can swap it backwards using your times tables.’ Kalanah

Thank you for reading!