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National Poetry Day

For National Poetry Day P6 studied the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We planned it out on Tuesday and wrote it on Thursday. Linda Ketchion won Star of the Week for her amazing writing.

We interviewed some pupils:

“I was interested and excited about The Highwayman,” Rachel McPhillips.

“I was overwhelmed by how sad the poem was,” Lachlan Drennan.

Post written by bloggers Mackenzie Kerr and Lucy Chambers .

P6B’s Toy Designs

P6B designed toys of the future. They pitched their ideas to Jamie Brown, from Psyber-Tech 3D Printing, who will now create the winning design. The children showed great persuasive techniques. Jamie will now create Laura’s Monkeyling using his 3D printer. We are very excited to see the finished product.


As we are learning about different life cycles in the nursery we visited the Lanthorn Pond to see the new life there. We first walked around the larger pond at the woods and managed to see mummy duck swimming with her ducklings.

We then visited the smaller pond and visited the swan and their cygnets.



Visit from Jamie Brown

P6 had a great afternoon learning about 3D printing with Jamie Brown. Jamie owns Psyber-Tech 3d Printing. P6 are learning about businesses who design and make products and Jamie shared different products that he had designed and created using a 3D printer. He shared lots of information about his job including the different skills that he needs. We are very thankful to Jamie for coming into school and for the generous gifts he gave us.

Outdoor Fun in P1

Primary 1 have settled back in well after the Easter Holidays.  On Monday we enjoyed some time out in the playground practising lots of different skills.  We were split into four groups and worked our way around some different activities.  It was so much fun!

We collected some sticks and stones and used these to help us make number stories of 7, we used chalk to think of words that rhymed with some different patterns and some of us even had a go at making up our own rhyming words.  We also enjoyed role playing in the builders and farm shop literacy sheds and even played some parachute games.

We are looking forward to using the outdoor classroom more this term.  Take a look at us in action!


Right of the Fortnight!

The right of the Fortnight is …..


Article 7

You have the right to a name and this should be officially recognized by the government. You have the right to a nationality!


Primary Four thought about what this meant …

‘It gives you your own identity’ ! Caitlin

‘It means you can travel and get a job’ Kieran!


Come and see the other ideas on the rights respecting wall display !!!