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Happy World Book Day P5/6!

Since we are not able to work together in school today I’ve put together some things you can to do to get into the spirit of World Book Day!  You can choose any from the list and you can work on your own or collaborate with others……I’m sure you are in touch with each other!


  • There are 3 departments at Bloor’s Academy, Music, Drama and Art. Think about your skills and talents.  What department would you be in and why?


  • At Bloor’s Academy, the pupils have to wear capes in different colours to show what department they belong to, blue for Music, purple for Drama and green for Art. Design a different item (instead of a cape) for your Bloor’s Academy uniform to show what department you belong to.  What do you have at home that you could use to make your design in real life?  Take a photo so that you can share when we’re back in class!


  • Bloor’s Academy is an old and spooky building with towers, stone spiral staircases, echoing corridors and doors that haven’t been opened for years. Have a look around at home and see if you have any materials you could use to make a model of Boor’s Academy.  Boxes and cartons would work or, Lego.  If you don’t want to build a model, you could draw your version of Bloor’s Academy.


  • Charlie had a tough first week at Bloor’s Academy. Imagine you are Charlie and write a personal diary for the first few days at your new school.  Use your Emotion Works cogs to explain how you are feeling about your new life and why.



  • Charlie Bone has an unusual talent. When Charlie looks at photographs, he can hear the people in the photos talking and the sounds happening around them.  Choose a photograph that you have at home and write down what Charlie would hear if he looked at your picture, voices and sound effects!


  • Mr Onimous is a mysterious figure in the story so far. He pops up randomly with his three very mysterious cats, ‘The Flames’.  If Charlie Bone was made into a film, I think Mr Omimous and the Flames would have their own music.  It would play when they were about to appear and when they were on screen.  Write your own words for an ‘Onimous and Flames’ song.  You can compose your own tune or fit the words to a piece of music or song you already know.


And, if you’ve worked too hard on all of that, relax,  sit back with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy two super ‘Biggest Book Show on Earth’ films with authors and illustrators sharing stories.



There are outdoor ideas and Maths activity links in my post from yesterday if you missed it!

See you all soon.

Miss Kennedy

Suspicion and suspense in P7a…..

In P7a this week, we have been writing in the mystery genre.  We talked about features in a mystery genre such as red herrings, suspense, tension, clues and another word for a detective which is is a sleuth.  After discussion, we realised that mystery writing is all about making the reader ask questions and then only answering them bit by bit.  An animation we all watched together generated a lot of questions, just as a mystery story should!  Why don’t you watch it and leave us a comment with the questions it made you ask?

We wanted to share some of our mystery writing with you…

Stewart: “The top of the gang was an eminence grise.  He would not listen to the gang, perhaps only on occasion.”

Fraser: “I went to the toilet but I forgot to look at the sign. The toilet was out of order. I was too late.  I heard the door click shut and then it locked…”

Robbie: ” Lying on the floor was the innocent body of Ashley, the woman who I normally work with.  She had brutal injuries. I heard a thud…”

Amber:”I went looking for him but he had already disappeared…”

Ellis: “No car was in sight.  Everything was conventional but a for file in among all the garbage.  All it had in it was rent, payment and bills.  I took it just in case.”

P7a Blog written this week by Ellis Sherwood.

Celebrating Wider Achievement with Headteacher Awards

Tiger Woods must be extremely worried now that Fraser and Ailsa Muir are developing their golfing skills to medal standard! This very modest brother & sister duo had to be persuaded to share their success by Mrs Ferguson. We are extremely proud of their sporting skills development and hope that this is only the start of a great golfing career in the future.

Watch out Tiger - here we come!
Watch out Tiger – here we come!

Our P.4 and P.5 dancers had another triumph last week at Howden Park Centre when their Next Steps Dance Troupe took the first place trophy for amazing Hip Hop moves. They were very proud to share their success at assembly and posed for a photo ‘with attitude’

Another First Place,
Another First Place

A very talented P.1 writer came to my office to share her 3 part Pirate Adventure this week – full of wow words she had ‘sounded’ herself in sentences with capital letters and full stops. Move over J.K. Rowling – Lauren is making real progress in her writing!

Superb Writing from P.1 - Well Done Lauren!
Superb Writing from P.1 – Well Done Lauren!

Article 29: You have a right to an education which helps you develop your skills and talents