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Busy week in P4!

This week week:

  • Continued with chimney sums in maths
  • Completed homework challenge by researching information independently.
  • Learned new vocabulary for reports i.e. sub title , paragraphs
  • Practised our cursive handwriting
  • Reported on science experiments; making rain and how clouds are formed
  • We won the good lines reward and went to see the chicks!
  • Adding money
  • Art with Miss Moir
  • Started Scottish country dancing in P.E.
  • Kirstin won a prize from into film for her review in the Scots language, of the  Gruffalo’s wean in scots. Well done !
  • Marti got to choose a chicks name ….chick !

Remember Blackburn’s got talent audition this week in class, so if you want to show us your talent need to get practising!!blog photo 20.5.16 (2) blog photo 20.5.16 (3)

Making the most of the good weather in P7/6

In P7/6 we have made the most of the recent good weather and took a few of our lessons outside!


  • We have moved onto our new topic of measurement
  • We used our playground environment to test our ability to accurately estimate larger items/areas.  This activity showed this is an area we need to work on – lets hope the sunshine comes back!
  • We have also been working on volume and capacity using ml/cl/l

IMG_2345 IMG_2349    IMG_2358 IMG_2347 IMG_2363  IMG_2353 IMG_2360 IMG_2367 IMG_2373 IMG_2369


Last week we began our new IDL topic on the human body.  We have been learning about a variety of internal organs of the human body and their purpose within the different internal systems. We consolidated our learning of organs  by going outside and tracing around each other and showing the location of the main organs.  This week we moved onto the Digestive System.

IMG_2380 IMG_2381 IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2384 IMG_2385 IMG_2386


This week we have been focusing on the grammar rules around speech marks.  The children are being encouraged to increase the variety of punctuation they use in all their written work.  Functional writing task this week was to describe the internal workings of the Digestive System.


The class have been learning about Buddhism.

Transition: P6

Our P6s have been spending time getting to know their buddies that are coming up to P1 in August.  Miss Moir and I are working on a P6 to P7 transition timetable for 7-10th June.

Transition: P7

Our P7s are getting very excited about their forthcoming move onto S1. Yesterday the Welcome Packs were shared with the children.  They were all desperate to find out what class they will be in, what ‘new’ subjects are Abby R looking to know what Humanities is … whilst Emma P was unable to control her excitement that Roast Beef is on the menu! :):)

** Please note, on the bus timetable it states that the bus leaves Bathgate Road at 8.05 – the bus actually leaves earlier than this.  I have advised that the children make their way to the bus stop by 7.50am in order to ensure they do not miss it **

Blackburn’s Got Talent 2016!

The school finals will be taking place next Friday, with the upper school semis taking place next Thursday.  With this in mind, our class auditions will take place on Wednesday after lunch!  Anyone wishing to share their talent … GET PRACTICING!  :):)

Wishing you all a fantastic long weekend!

Miss Preston and Miss Akram



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P5 this week

We had great fun looking at our bodies. We explored the skeleton and the major organs.

A huge congratulations to Abbie for winning first prize fo
r her excellent Scottish review on the Gruffalo’s Wean




Connor won the runners up prize for his review.


Well done guys!!  R0014120

Cross Country

Last Thursday a group of 17 P6 children represented Murrayfield at a Cluster Cross Country event. It was a beautiful day and the group had lots of fun taking part in the race and playing in the park. Although both groups came last, the children were excellent team players and supported one another during the race. They also felt that the running was very hard work, particularly up the very steep hill.

Well done those who took part!

001 003

P2A weekly update

We were lucky enough to see 6 baby chicks and today we got to touch one very gently. – Callen S

our number 1 chick Ginger as named by Mrs Strachan.

our number 1 chick Ginger as named by Mrs Strachan.

We were learning new dance moves in a group of 4 in gym – Sara

We were writing about the very hungry caterpillar – Payton

new born chick

new born chick

We went to the library to get mini beast books – Sara

We learned that snails lay eggs – Jana

We were learning about the life cycle of a ladybird – Jana

We were learning about the life cycle of a spider – Aleisha

We had a live spider to look at in a jar – it was huge! – Aleisha

We set it free in the playground – Jack & Aleisha

We were learning about the life cycle of a chick – Eva

I have been learning the ai and oa sounds – Ross

I have been learning the ou  sound in Early Intervention- Sara

In Early Intervention we were learning ur and or words – Jack

In Health and Well being we are learning about feelings – Alex

We were solving problems using Solve it blocks – Warren

Our Skillionaires this week are Alex and Jana – well done

Our latest arrivals ……………….

5 fluffy chicks

5 fluffy chicks

News in P6

Hi Everyone,

This week we visited Peat Moss to collect sticks and stones for our Human Body Topic. We then took these back to school and created twig skeletons. Have a look at the pictures and you can decide which is the best one :) We also used this idea to put the bones of a skeleton back together and name the correct bones.

In Maths we have been learning about kilograms and grams and have been weighing different items. This has been a fun lesson to take part in.

Through our science we have been learning about the digestive system and we took part in an experiment which involved using digestive biscuits and orange juice. It was a bit messy and some of the boys were disgusted by the outcome. We then wrote up science reports to discuss what we did, step by step.

In Literacy we were doing alliteration and we had to write our own Tongue Twisters. We also looked at personification which you associate an object as a person, such as Dancing Table.

A very busy and fun week had by all :)

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This week in P3G…

We have been learning:

  • about past and present tense
  • about multiplication, times tables and counting in 3’s
  • about the last part of the Gay Gordon dance
  • key words and how to spell them in our Transport topic

Murrayfield Nursery Class

It has been a animal focused week in the nursery this week. The vet area was busy with injured animals being cared for as the children enjoyed dressing up and looking after the animals. The hatching chicks have been a cause for great excitement as the first chicks hatched on Tuesday and more hatched throughout the week. We took the children down to visit them twice this week and the primary two pupils were sharing some information with them about the growing process. On Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon the pre-school children visited primary one for their transition session. This week they were making grass by working in teams to cut and colour paper. This links with the first part of the bear hunt story that they have been listening to.


Looking after animals at the vet
Morning and afternoon children have been enjoying this building toy
The first chick to hatch
Can you see a beak?

Gala Float Decorating Committee

Mr Forgetful 2



Whoops – I forgot to leave the letters to be handed out before I left for a meeting this afternoon, I will try to remember to send these home with pupils tomorrow.


Mrs Waugh

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