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Pinewood School Choir

Pinewood School Choir entertained visitors to Edinburgh Airport this week. They sang Christmas songs for almost two hours and raised over £500 for charity in the process. The Charity Committee in school will now decide where the money goes. They did a wonderful job, well done to all.

P5 news

This week we have started on our topic – Rain forests. We familiarized ourselves with atlases and  found the Rain forests.

We explored the different levels of the Rainforest and even designed our own new specie of animal to live in the Rainforest.

In PE we are looking at the skills involved in the game volleyball and we have discussed what happens to our bodies when we exercise.

We are finishing off with place value and will be moving on to addition in numeracy and have been working on grid referencing in math using a compass.

9th September Murrayfield Nursery Class

Another busy week in the nursery this week. The children in the morning decided to build a fire station and fire engine using the big bricks. They helped to build the play fire engine tent and have enjoyed playing with it for the rest of this week. The afternoon children have been playing “Paw Patrol” rescuing people from different situations. They have been using the fire engine as part of their “Paw Patrol” play and making the most of all the different equipment available. All of the children enjoyed using the new numeracy resource “Numicon”. This week they have been building numbers using the materials. We will be inviting parents in to have a look at this resource in the coming weeks so look out for further information. The children helped us to create our nursery rules which are now displayed on the wall. The children have enjoyed seeing themselves acting out the rules as a reminder of the nursery expectations. Please have a look at them when you come into the nursery to help your child sign in.


Online learners journey

We will again be using the online learners journey this session to record the progress your child is making. Individual observations will be uploaded over a four week period with summaries in December, March and June. The new planning format we are implementing this session will also ensure that you are kept up to date with your child’s progress through their nursery years. Planning will be recorded on big floor books which will track their learning in a particular area. If you have any questions about the learners journey or the nursery curriculum please ask one of the nursery team.



Celebrating Wider Achievements in P6/5


Owen Hannah from P6/5 shared a certificate today at assembly. During the summer, Owen had the chance to participate in an organised activity, which involved learning to use an air rifle to shoot at a target. Let’s see if Owen can hit all his targets this year in his learning! 😉

Well done Owen! Great achievement 🙂

Hopefully as the year progresses we’ll be able to share more wider achievements from Primary 6/5.

The latest from P4

This week, with Mrs McGlynn, we have been continuing to learn about symmetry and have completed pictures using mirrors.

Mr Richards has been helping us to learn the skill of dribbling the ball with a hockey stick. He also let us paint the classroom in our drama – don’t worry Miss Macrae, we were just pretending!

Our writing this week was about our first day at school and we had to make sure that what we wrote made sense, that we had used the correct punctuation and that we had spelled our common words correctly.

Partitioning has been the word of the week in Numeracy. We have been partitioning 2- and 3-digit numbers, which means we have been breaking them down into parts and showing the value of the digits.

eg. 68 can be broken down into 6 tens (60), and 8 units (8)

So 68 = 60 + 8

Our topic, with Mrs McGlynn, is Charities and we already have a homework challenge to complete.  This fits in really nicely with our learning with Mrs Stewart, as we are going to be learning about the work of the RNIB which we will share with you at our assembly in October. Watch out for spots before your eyes!

We are SO excited about being Rookie Rockstars  – can’t wait for the team to visit next week!

Golden Time has had a strange effect on Mrs Stewart, she’s turned into a teddy! Wait a minute, no she hasn’t, it’s Lauren’s Barney bear that came for a visit! 🙂


Have a great weekend!

This week in P6/5

We have been busy doing writing about our “Big Talk” topic, using our senses to describe what you would hear, see, touch, smell and feel in the Rainforest.   It was quite scary because we didn’t have very much time to write but we think we will get better at doing it.  We had to imagine ourselves in the Rainforest and write about it.

We’ve started to build our Rainforest display and we’ve looked in the atlases to find where the Rainforests are.  We think our display with look awesome when it is finished.  Come and have a look in a few weeks.

In PE, we did rugby and tennis.  We had to work on our hand-eye co-ordination and team skills.

One group in Maths played spin-to-win to improve their technique on the laptops for playing more maths games.  Another group was on the carpet with Mrs Harrison using hundreds, tens and units to build numbers and learn place value.  The Circles used Numicon and they said a number and their partner built the number.

Have a lovely week!



Wow what a busy few weeks we have had since school started.

We have been very busy settling into the new routine of school. Our P7 buddies have been extremely good at helping us learn the routines of getting ready in the morning and packing up at the end of the day.  They even joined us for lunch on our first day to help us in the dinner hall.

In class we have been talking about what rules we should have to help us have a happy and safe classroom.  We all made rockets to go up on our Rights Respecting Rockets display.  This is where are class charter is and helps remind us of the expectations.

We have been learning some sounds and have enjoyed playing games to help us rmember them. We have played ‘m/c’ bingo, smartboard sorting games and gluing and sticking for the sound m.  Next week we will be learning about ‘s and p’.

In numeracy we have been practising to count forwards and backwards and have been exploring and investigating the maths area in the classroom.  We enjoyed playing with the marbles and numbered cups and the really tricky maths puzzles.

We have been practising to write numbers 1 and 2 and our sounds m and c.

This week we have been painting portraits of each other to help us get to know everyone in the class.  We had to pay attention to facial detail and use appropriate colours.  Mrs Wedlock is going to put our portaits up on display outside our classroom.

Thank you to all parents for remembering to return homework on time, I’m really looking forward to looking at everyone’s work to see how hard youve all been working at home.

For information –

  • OUTDOOR P.E is on a Monday with Mrs McGlynn
  • INDOOR P.E is on a Wednesday with Mrs Wedlock.
  • Please name ALL items of clothing, this helps prevent items from going missing/unclaimed.

This week in P3G…

We have been learning:

  • about the island of Coll
  • to write our own leaflet about Blackburn park
  • to write the cursive alphabet in our jotters

P7 News

This week P7 completed their first Big Writing lesson which was helped by the Big Talk homework. Thank you to all parents who participated in supporting their child with their Big Talk. There will be a new subject to discuss today for Tuesday. Also a big thank you to all p7 pupils as their homework was of a very high standard this week. Please keep it up 🙂

In maths, we have been learning about place value and we will be given homework on this next week. For our topic we completed PowerPoints on different natural disasters. Please have a look at our work as they are very informative 🙂

In other news, our school came second in Sports Scotland and received a silver award. This is the first time we have applied for this so well done Murrayfield!!




Thunder & Lightning


forest fire

Latest news from P7/6

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest news from P7/6. This week we have:

  • Carried out independent research on our class topic on Scotland/Japan comparison.
  • Looking at 7, 8 and 9 digit numbers and counting up in 10’s & 100’s
  • In guided reading we looked at vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • In Big Talk, we discussed the features of a newspaper report and then we had to write our own newspaper reports!
  • We looked at risk taking, negative thoughts and positive thinking within our lives.
  • In P.E. we started working on our short tennis skills and outside with P7, we took part in a huge game of noughts and crosses!

A big thank you to Logan O., Joshua M. and Dale R. for helping with the blog this week. Have a nice weekend! 😉

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