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News from P6

P6 have had another busy week in class learning through a variety of areas through the curriculum.

We have been focusing on times tables through Numeracy and will be working on this through the Mild, Spicy and Hot open event next Friday. Children will use their problem solving skills to answer the written questions based around multiplication.

In Literacy the children have been looking at Similes and have been creating poems based around describing an imaginative monster. Using the phrase “like,” or “as,” the children have been comparing parts of their monster to similar things such as “fangs as white as snow,” and so on. Some of the Monsters are very creative and I hope the boys and girls can rewrite the poems for a display.

It is the last week of our Europe topic and the boys and girls have been creating holiday brochures for a chosen European country. These will be put up on the classroom display once they are finished for everyone to look at. Their next topic will be WW2 which will start after the February weekend. The class and I can’t wait :)

Have a lovely long weekend!


Primary 4

We have started our new social studies topic of the Vikings and are looking forward to our trip to the National Museum of Scotland on 22nd February. A homework challenge has been issued to make a model of a Viking Longboat !  To be in by 19/2/16.

Celebrating skills and success in primary 4 !  Anna celebrated her recent success at a horse show, and showed us her winning rosette. Lexi  was very excited to show us all the information on her recently adopted snow leopard and Khizar has been helping  us  to learn all about Islam and showing us his prayer mat.DSCN2665 DSCN2757 DSCN2758

Voice Rocks!!

We were extremely lucky to have Rachel from Voice Rocks in school. She came to work with all the P5’s. We had tremendous fun working with music and especially our voices.

The P5’s discussed what they used to make sound and more importantly sing. We had great answers ranging from our voice boxes, to our stomachs and backs, our lungs and most importantly our diaphragm .

Rachel taught the children three songs and the children then sang them in a canon or also known as a round. Very tricky! The children did a fantastic job and it sounded amazing.

Flyers have been handed out and this wonderful resource is FREE!

R0013380 R0013381 R0013390



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We would be very grateful for any recycling materials you can hand in (no tins or glass please) for a Science/Technologies project we will be doing after the February holiday.

Thanks in advance.

Miss Preston and P7/6

Special Burns Creative Workshop P5/4

A special early update on our blog this week as we couldn’t wait to share it with you. We received a special visit from Linsay Duncan from the “Drama & Dance” team of the One Day Creative Workshop Group. Linsay taught the classes loads of different things about our very own Rabbie Burns and then both classes put on a performance of their learning to the whole school! We are very proud of the effort the children put in today and we hope you enjoy some of the pictures!

Burns 20
Burns 22
Burns 24
Burns 26
Burns 27
Burns 29
Burns 32
Burns 33


This week in P7/6 we have been …

  • Developing our addition skills and discussing the various strategies we use, next week we will be moving onto subtraction
  • Learning about when to use paragraphs in our writing, how to properly layout our work and transference of our spelling skills into all of our writing tasks.  We have also been focusing on our comprehension skills.  Next week our grammar focus will be similes
  • As the weather has been a little kinder to us this week we managed to get outside to collect the resources required for our Rainforest science experiment; creating a Rainforest in a Jar! Photographs below.  We will be observing our experiment over a four week period, recording any changes and reflecting on whether our predictions were correct or not
  • We have been continuing to develop our gymnastic skills in PE with Mrs Logan.  As part of our outdoor PE/Learning we took part in a scavenge hunt with Miss Moir’s P6 class
  • The whole upper school have been collaboratively writing the lyrics for this year’s CAB song.  We have also had the peer tutors from CAB in school
  • Heart Start – we began learning all about first aid: dealing with heavy bleeding, unconscious and conscious victims, the recovery position and suspected heart attacks.  We will be completing our practical first aid skills next week
  • Our P7 pupils were given their transition report guidelines.  This project has to be completed, in the main, at home.  If you require any resources to assist your child with their project please do not hesitate to contact me and the school will help out as much as we can.  The children can use our class laptops for research/preparing their reports during Homework Club (Wednesday lunchtime) and during our weekly reward slot

As you can see, we have had very busy week indeed!

Please note:  The children have no literacy circle or reading homework (usually due on a Monday) to allow the children time to complete their Rainforest Presentations.  I am really looking forward to seeing what the children have produced!! :)

Dress in Red Day is next Friday (12th) in aid of Heart Start.  A £1.oo donation is requested with all monies raised going to the British Heart Foundation.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss Preston, Miss Akram and P7/6 :):)

Rainforest in a Jar

IMG_0570 IMG_0571 IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0583 IMG_0587 IMG_0589 IMG_0591 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0597

P7 Transition Ceilidh at Bathgate Academy

IMG_0495 IMG_0500 IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0507 IMG_0520 IMG_0522 IMG_0526 IMG_0546 IMG_0549 IMG_0552 IMG_0567

This week in P3G…

We have been learning:

  • about mummification (and all the gory details that entails!)
  • about a Kippah
  • how to problem-solve

Murrayfield Nursery Class

This week has been another busy week in the nursery. A big well done to the morning nursery boys and girls who did a great job presenting their assembly this morning. During group time this week the children were asked to draw a picture of a character from the “Gruffalo in Scots” book. Look out for them appearing on our writing wall. The children had an opportunity to play with the BeeBot robot and learn some positional language.  Next week we move on to look at Chinese New Year and transport.




For anyone interested, Theatre& will be in Blackburn Community Centre on Monday evening, 8th February from 6.30 – 7.30pm performing their ‘Better Late Than Dead On Time’ – this is a short play which focuses on Road Safety Awareness.

Suitable for all Adults and Young People aged 12+, this is a FREE event with complimentary refreshments being provided afterwards.

Better Late Than Dead on Time

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