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The more we share … the more we learn.

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Primary 5

  • In Primary 5 this week we used Reading routes to work on our reading skills, comprehension and our team work.
  • We have explored 3D shapes and vocabulary that accompanies this.
  • During outdoor PE we focused on ball skills with a particular focus on passing and trapping.
  • We are also working on our our Community Action Blackburn Competition Posters.
  • P5 have also worked hard on composing lyrics for a song we are working on in Music.
  • We have worked hard on our class charter and have decided to be the Leaves of change!
  • Have a lovely weekend.R0012914 R0012916 R0012925 R0012927 R0012929

Primary 5/4

This week we have:

* Practiced our ball skills including passing and dribbling

* Been learning the song “Frere Jacques” on the Ocarina. We sat outside and practiced because the weather was lovely!

* Created our Community Action Blackburn Competition Posters

* Worked on our comprehension skills and are getting more confident reading unfamiliar passages and finding the correct answers.

* Started our National Youth Choir of Scotland (NYCOS) singing sessions with Mr Gregory and this will happen every Friday right up until Christmas.

See you all again next week.


This week in P3G…

We have been learning:

  • a new song about the Jack and the Beanstalk story
  • to measure using standard units (cm)
  • to use adjectives in our writing


Thank you to everyone who made it to parents evening. I enjoyed sharing your child’s successes so far this year.

Also a big thank you to everyone who came to our assembly. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Primary 2A

What have we been learning this week?

Freya – We have been learning time. We can tell o’clock and half past times. We used chalk to make clocks outside and we sorted clocks.

Jack – I won the spotlight this week for writing on my own and remembering capital letters and full stops and finger spaces.

Brogan – We have been learning to take away.

Alex – We have been learning how to add.

Callen – We have been doing our walk and run every day to get fit.

Sara – We have been learning more about people who help us.

Brooke – We having been learning the sounds of the fire engine, ambulance and police cars.

Jack – We have been learning about the vehicles for the emergency services.

Miss Adam – we have been working hard this week and

Payton, Eva, Callan, Alex and Ross won Head Teacher Awards.

Keep up the good work!


P6 Wig Walk!

On Friday 25th September 2015, Murrayfield Primary School took part in a Wig Walk to end Walking Week. The children went out for a community walk on Wednesday and then wore their wigs around the community on Friday. The children ended their walk near the skatepark where they had a chance to run around and play some games.

The children had a great time and really enjoyed wearing their colurful wigs :)

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P3T- week beginning 23.9.15

This week we have been:

  • Taking part in walking activities
  • Visiting the Post Office to post letters to the Queen and Dubai
  • Receiving postcards from Toronto and Bulgaria!
  • Walking our wigs off!
    At the Post Office
    When are they collected?
    Superstar postcards!
    Walk your wig off walk
    We learned so much!

P3T Our week- 18.9.15

We have been:

  • Finding the number of tens and units in numbers to 100 using cubes and money
  • Looking at letters to find the common features to make our success criteria
  • Using our success criteria to write a number of letters- one for Miss Keay to send to Dubai and the other for our famous person
  • Our famous person with the most votes was Her Majesty the Queen! The children listed some questions we would ask her and we wrote her a letter. The children used their best handwriting and writing skills to write to the Queen and we will post these letters on Wednesday when we are going to the Post Office

P3T Recent News

We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our class novel and there has been great excitement as we have reached the part where Charlie has found his Golden ticket!

We won the best class with the most points for the school challenge and enjoyed an extra playtime and some time on the trim trail! Well done boys and girls!

Kyle really enjoyed the Verges project on Tuesday 12th September with Mr Benyon and told us all about planting the plants with Murron, Kenzie, Makayla and Teresa.  He said ‘We had to gently lift the plants out of the pots and we had to dig a hole and put the plants inside them. It was good fun!’

We are learning about numbers to 100 in Numeracy and have been finding the numbers before , after and between. Our maths focus has been weight which links to out Post Office theme and we have been finding the heaviest and lightest parcels and weighing a range of everyday objects using our balance scales.


P2A recent news

It’s been a short and quick week.

Due to our reporters being too excited today to report on what they have been learning this week I will just let you see how fabulous we all looked for the Wig Walk today. Even Bonzo wore a wig!

They all agreed they had fun at the masterclasses on Thursday.



P1S News

It’s been a short week this week but we have crammed loads in.

We finished off our class charter.

IMG_0061[1] IMG_0054[1] IMG_0069[1]

This week we have also participated in Walking Week. On Wednesday we walked over 3,ooo steps in the playground. Then we took a walk around the local community and spotted our friends and families houses. Some of us even spotted our own house. We have learned why it is important to walk and how it can be good for us.

IMG_0080[1] IMG_0109[1] IMG_0135[1]

On Thursday we had our very first Masterclasses. We really enjoyed learning about Endangered Animals and Biodiversity.

And today we walked our wigs off. Everyone looked super in their wigs and we had great fun.

IMG_0172[1] IMG_0169[1]

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