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Breaking News…. P6/7

P6/7 had a fantastic time applying lots of skills at the Sky Academy in Livingston. We created an in-depth and highly professional news clip highlighting the plight of endangered animals across the world and the actions we can take to save them. Sadly the clip is too big to upload on this blog but each child was lucky enough to receive a USB wristband with the clip stored on it. We will show off our hard work in assembly next week. We also have a responsibility to ‘keep the magic alive’ for other prospective journalists!

We’re P6/7, reporting for Bankton Primary. Good afternoon!




P6/7 Week of Fun Learning

This week’s blog below is written by Niomi and Laurie-Anne (P6/7). Each week we will have a ‘Class Blogger of the Week’ and two pupils will write the blog. It is the responsibility of the whole class to record our learning during the course of the week by taking photos on the class ipads and making notes on what they would like to be put on the class blog for the ‘Bloggers’ to upload each Friday. 

This week we have been working on Learning Pits and our growth mindset as well as mistakes.

We have also been working on Number Talks where we don’t put our hands up instead we used hand signals that we have been taught.We had to think of as many strategies as we can to solve Maths problems.

Our topic this term is Human Rights and Democracy and our class novel is the Hunger Games.

It is very fun learning in P6/7. We are having a great time. We all are adapting to our new classroom and teachers.

One more thing we have to say is our new whole school Health topic is called Emotion Works. We can’t wait!