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The last few weeks in P1…………………

Wow – what a busy time we have been having.  Here is our last report from P1………

Last Wednesday was a special day for Patrycja and her family as she was invited to go along to the First Minister’s Reading Challenge celebration as Patrycja was awarded the National Award for her P1 Reading Journey.  The rest of P1 watched the event live and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Patrycja go onto the stage to collect her award.  Well done Patrycja, everyone at Bankton is so very proud of you.

Last week we also had our health week and on the Thursday celebrated all our hard work with fun day.  It was such a busy and fun week – we loved it!

Finally, today we had our school trip to Dynamic Earth.  We learned lots of things about space and represented Bankton really well.  We went in a rocket and visited the moon, we got to hold real moon rocks, we went closer to the sun, we had some astronauts help us to learn about how the earth orbits the sun, we went on a time machine and travelled back in time, we went to a volcano, felt the ground shake as molten lava came towards us, touched an iceberg and even went on a shuttle and visited some different areas on planet earth!  It was fantastic!

Primary one, I have loved every minute of teaching you all this year and wish you all the best as you move onto Primary two.  Your new teachers are VERY lucky!

Mrs Lloyd -x-

Dynamic Learning in P1!

P1 had a fantastic time at Our Dynamic Earth today.  Our first activity was a trip to the moon!  After sorting all of the things we would need to take with us we did a count down until it was time to blast off!  When we got to the moon we bounced around and then got to touch real moon rocks that were millions of years old!

Next we went to the sun (but not too close!).  We looked at how the Earth orbits the sun while the moon orbits the earth.  We had three very special astronauts to help show us how this worked.

After lunch we went on a time machine that took us back to the beginning of time!!!!! We saw the solar system being formed and then went to a volcano and through an ice age!  We had great fun looking at life on Earth developing as we travelled through time.

Finally we were back in our time and visited different regions of the Earth (we even got to fly on a shuttle!).  One of our favourite places was the arctic zone (it was lovely and cool on a hot day like today!)

The bus journey back to school was full of excited chatting after our amazing travelling through time and space!

P1a Eco Art

We have been enjoying talking about ‘Life Below Water’ for Eco fortnight.  Today we started using some of the plastic waste we have collected to create our own sea creatures and we thought we would share some of the ideas we have had so far.


Outdoor Fun in P1

Primary 1 have settled back in well after the Easter Holidays.  On Monday we enjoyed some time out in the playground practising lots of different skills.  We were split into four groups and worked our way around some different activities.  It was so much fun!

We collected some sticks and stones and used these to help us make number stories of 7, we used chalk to think of words that rhymed with some different patterns and some of us even had a go at making up our own rhyming words.  We also enjoyed role playing in the builders and farm shop literacy sheds and even played some parachute games.

We are looking forward to using the outdoor classroom more this term.  Take a look at us in action!


Successful Learners in P1b……

Another busy week in P1b.  This week we have been practising our numbers to 20.  We have been sequencing the numbers in order and have even been building numbers using tally marks.

We have also been working on our numbers stories of 6 and have practised them in lots of different and exciting ways!

In our non-number maths we have been learning about fractions and have been looking at halves and quarters.  Some of the children even thought up their own fractions activity using the iPads!

Last week we planned and designed some new and strong houses for the three little pigs.  The big bad wolf visited our class this week (AKA Mrs Lloyd with a hairdryer!) and he huffed and he puffed and he managed to blow some of the houses down!  We predicted which ones would blow down and spoke about what was good about the houses and what we would do better next time.

The next day something strange happened………………..

Two beautiful fairy doors appeared outside our class and our three pigs houses disappeared!  We think that the dragon came and got them and took them back to Fairyland.  We keep wondering what you would find if you went through the doors and are on the look out for the dragon coming back!

Finally, lots of fun was had during golden time when some of us used the letters to spell out our names.


Primary 1 Singalong!

Hi Primary Ones!  Mrs Thomson and I hope you are all keeping safe and having fun in the snow!  Here are a few links to some of our favourite maths songs if you fancy warming up and having a wee break from the snow.  Enjoy and we hope you see you soon.

P1 it’s World Book Day!

Hi all!

I hope you are enjoying Workd Book Day and are enjoying some reading time when you are inside getting warm again!

As you saw from our post yesterday Mrs Lloyd and I have been busy working on our door display so that you can help us finish it when we are back at school.

I am just about to sit with my daughter and enjoy a book and a hot chocolate!

Keep reading!

Snow Day………..

Good Morning P1b,

I hope you are all enjoying the snow.  There are some winter activities on the blog (under the useful documents heading) if you are needing a wee rest from buiding snowmen and throwing snowballs!  We’ve been learning about lots of different things in class recently – why not have a go at making a symmetrical picture of having a look around the house for items that use batteries or mains electricity.  If you’d like to leave a wee comment I’d love to know what you’ve been up to!

Have a great day and I’ll see you again soon.

Mrs Lloyd