The last few weeks in P1…………………

Wow – what a busy time we have been having.  Here is our last report from P1………

Last Wednesday was a special day for Patrycja and her family as she was invited to go along to the First Minister’s Reading Challenge celebration as Patrycja was awarded the National Award for her P1 Reading Journey.  The rest of P1 watched the event live and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Patrycja go onto the stage to collect her award.  Well done Patrycja, everyone at Bankton is so very proud of you.

Last week we also had our health week and on the Thursday celebrated all our hard work with fun day.  It was such a busy and fun week – we loved it!

Finally, today we had our school trip to Dynamic Earth.  We learned lots of things about space and represented Bankton really well.  We went in a rocket and visited the moon, we got to hold real moon rocks, we went closer to the sun, we had some astronauts help us to learn about how the earth orbits the sun, we went on a time machine and travelled back in time, we went to a volcano, felt the ground shake as molten lava came towards us, touched an iceberg and even went on a shuttle and visited some different areas on planet earth!  It was fantastic!

Primary one, I have loved every minute of teaching you all this year and wish you all the best as you move onto Primary two.  Your new teachers are VERY lucky!

Mrs Lloyd -x-

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