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Happy World Book Day P5/6!

Since we are not able to work together in school today I’ve put together some things you can to do to get into the spirit of World Book Day!  You can choose any from the list and you can work on your own or collaborate with others……I’m sure you are in touch with each other!


  • There are 3 departments at Bloor’s Academy, Music, Drama and Art. Think about your skills and talents.  What department would you be in and why?


  • At Bloor’s Academy, the pupils have to wear capes in different colours to show what department they belong to, blue for Music, purple for Drama and green for Art. Design a different item (instead of a cape) for your Bloor’s Academy uniform to show what department you belong to.  What do you have at home that you could use to make your design in real life?  Take a photo so that you can share when we’re back in class!


  • Bloor’s Academy is an old and spooky building with towers, stone spiral staircases, echoing corridors and doors that haven’t been opened for years. Have a look around at home and see if you have any materials you could use to make a model of Boor’s Academy.  Boxes and cartons would work or, Lego.  If you don’t want to build a model, you could draw your version of Bloor’s Academy.


  • Charlie had a tough first week at Bloor’s Academy. Imagine you are Charlie and write a personal diary for the first few days at your new school.  Use your Emotion Works cogs to explain how you are feeling about your new life and why.



  • Charlie Bone has an unusual talent. When Charlie looks at photographs, he can hear the people in the photos talking and the sounds happening around them.  Choose a photograph that you have at home and write down what Charlie would hear if he looked at your picture, voices and sound effects!


  • Mr Onimous is a mysterious figure in the story so far. He pops up randomly with his three very mysterious cats, ‘The Flames’.  If Charlie Bone was made into a film, I think Mr Omimous and the Flames would have their own music.  It would play when they were about to appear and when they were on screen.  Write your own words for an ‘Onimous and Flames’ song.  You can compose your own tune or fit the words to a piece of music or song you already know.


And, if you’ve worked too hard on all of that, relax,  sit back with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy two super ‘Biggest Book Show on Earth’ films with authors and illustrators sharing stories.



There are outdoor ideas and Maths activity links in my post from yesterday if you missed it!

See you all soon.

Miss Kennedy

P5/6 Snow Day!

Hi P5/6!

Hope you are all out or have been out enjoying the snow this morning before any more arrives!  Here are some outdoor ideas for you to keep busy…

1. A Headless Snowman

Make a snowman without a head. Then take turns to stand behind the snowman as if your head belongs to the snowman.  Have a range of props such as wigs, hats, scarves, sunglasses to wear.  Take photos of each other doing different poses!

2. Roll it up

Make the biggest snowball possible whilst creating a maze or interesting pattern of grass to follow afterwards. Does the size of the snowball relate to the length of the path created?

3. Guess the object

Look at different things covered with snow and guess what they are. Go back once the snow has melted and see if you recognise the feature.

4. Snow Sculptures

Most people just build snowmen. Make a snow dragon, or a monster instead. The possibilities are endless. Build a miniature yeti or just his giant pair of shoes to stand in. Or, you could create your favourite book character in snow and take a picture to share on World Book Day.

5. White Hunter

Collect together and hide a range of white objects in the snow. Can your friends or family find what you have hidden? Are all the objects truly as white as snow?

6. Funny footprints

Think up new and different footprint tracks in the snow. Instead of walking along, try jumping with both feet together or hopping. Do the hop-scotch. Walk sideways. Skate along and try not to leave a gap between your footprints. Do a funny dance. Is it possible to create an asymmetric pattern when you use both feet?

7. Track animals

Animal and birds leave trails and tracks. Find some tracks and follow them. Do this quietly to avoid frightening any thing or anyone.

8. Frozen Marbles

With all these below zero temperatures,  it might be possible to freeze coloured water inside balloons. Once they have frozen, remove the balloon and you are left with giant marbles or snow bowls!

10. Helping Others

Help the adults clear your paths and driveways to make it safer for people to get around.

However, if it’s getting a little cold outside for you now, there’s plenty you can do to keep busy inside……

1. Snow themed fantasy writing and illustrating

Since today would have been our writing day, think about a fantasy world where it is winter and snowing all year round (think of Narnia).  Write your own fantasy setting for snowy world and, create a fantasy character that lives there.  Think of all our special effects writing techniques and try and include those too.  Draw your character to go with your fantasy story setting.


Yesterday, we talked about persuasive writing techniques.  Create your own persuasive poster about why schools should be open or stay closed on snowy days like today.  See how many of the techniques you can remember!

2. Reading

Catch up/get ahead on your reading and take some extra time to prepare your vocabulary sheet work.  You could also do some vocabulary work on a book that you are reading yourself and share these when we are back in school together for World Book Day.


Think about where we are with our Charlie Bone class novel.  What do you think is going to happen next and why?  Predict what is going to happen to Charlie Bone and his friends at Bloor’s Academy, to Benjamin and Runner Bean and to the mysterious case….

3. Maths

Create you own Number Talks SPLAT! challenges on the computer or by drawing them out.  They could be Fraction SPLATS or Nested SPLATS or, you could come up with your own brand new SPLAT version!



Simplifying and equivalent fractions practise…..





Keep warm P5/6!

Miss Kennedy





Brrr… we’re getting Winter Ready here at Bankton!

winter ready


In anticipation for any snowy days, the children at Second Level are well-prepared for any closures! All children have (or will be given in the very near future) their Glow log ons, a home learning activity grid and a selection of websites you may wish your child to complete at home. The activities vary in challenge and offer a range of different approaches to the curriculum.

Paper copies of log ons, the activity grid and websites can be found in your children’s homework diaries. Or you can click here!


Winter Ready in P1

Over the course of the week, please check in your child’s diary for their Glow username and password.  In the event of extreme weather which results in a school closure, a list of fun indoor and outdoor activities can be found in the useful documents section of the blog (Winter Activities 2015).  Your child can choose from the list and please note that not all activities need to be completed!

Primary 5, 5/6, 6, 7a and 7b are Winter Ready!

winter ready

In anticipation for any snowy days, the children at Second Level are well-prepared for any closures! All children have (or will be given in the very near future) their Glow log ons, a home learning activity grid and a selection of websites you may wish your child to complete at home. The activities vary in challenge and offer a range of different approaches to the curriculum.

Paper copies of log ons, the activity grid and websites can be found in your children’s homework diaries. Or you can click here!


Have fun!

Mrs M



Nursery Christmas Fun

In the nursery we are very excited about Christmas.  We wrote invitations inviting Santa to our party and this week he wrote a letter back to us!!  He said he will try to make it but he is very busy and poor Rudolph has a cold.

We are looking forward to telling you the Christmas story at our nativity next week, don’t forget, it is on Thursday 18th December at 10am for the morning children and 2pm for the afternoon children.

P6/7 News of the Week

It has been another busy week in P6/7. The Christmas post is now underway and P7’s from both classes are enjoying collecting, organising and delivering the Christmas cards to all of the classes in school.

Social dance is coming on very well, with everyone now becoming quite familiar with the steps for a number of the Scottish dances. Mrs Stewart and Mrs Ferguson came along and joined in the practice and Mrs Stewart said that she can’t wait to get her dance card filled. Not long to wait now to put all that practice into action!

P7s have started working in their groups to create travel brochures for different countries who will be taking part in the Commonwealth Games next year. This event is part of the transition project  which was launched just a week ago at James Young High School.

In class, we have been finding out about the structure of the Earth. We have done our research using books and the internet and can’t wait to make our models showing all of the different layers of our planet and the facts we’ve learned.

We have been trying to make sure that we can all get on Glow and everyone who managed to e-mail Mrs Balfour got 50 house points. Some people have still got to try it out.

Congratulations to Mark and Hannah-Beth who were voted this week’s buddies of the week. Congratulations also to our new class champions- Rachel (language) and Jack (maths).

P6s are looking forward to a Bubblegum and Fluff event at the Lanthorn next week and are looking forward to it.

Primary 2’s first week of December!

Well that time of year has come again, the children are all really excited and counting down to Christmas, we’ve been busy making sure our Nativity Show is progressing well and this week we have started to make our Christmas Enterprise, which the parents can find out about next week!

Isabel (dancer) says – “I love swishing about to ‘Left Out in the Cold.'”

Brooke (dancer) says – “I like to dance to the ‘Stars Shine’ song.”

“I love singing along to the nativity songs,” said Zoe.

“I like the end of the show, because we all dance,” said Louise.

Erin likes it when she is singing ‘Left Out in the Cold.’

On Tuesday, we all enjoyed our Christmas lunch,

Coben thought his turkey was good, while Brooke thought it was delicious. Rhys‘ favourite part of the lunch was his turkey.

Later this morning we are going to our Celebration Assembly, the children are excited waiting to hear who is getting an award and what for…I wonder who will be our Maths and Language Champions this term?

Today was the due date for our Stars Homework, the children return wonderful work, showing that they have learned lots about Nocturnal Animals.  We have posters, written pieces and even some models!  Fantastic work! Well done to those who returned their homework.

Matthew said – “I enjoyed making my bat.”

“I liked doing my stars homework because of the writing,” said Keigan.

Alexander liked making his model fox, while Carlos liked showing his project off in class.  Lucca says, “My firework picture is a bit fancy.”

Please look out for your child’s information about logging into Glow.

Welcome to our New Look Blog!

Bankton primary school Blog has a new look and will be re-launched on Friday, 29th November! There are lots of exciting things happening in each of our classrooms, so teachers and pupils will use Friday mornings as weekly reflection time to share the most significant aspects of their learning each week.

Mrs. Ferguson and I look forward to reading these reflections and making encouraging comments on our learners achievements. Please take time as parents and families to make comments, as your children will be directly involved in the weekly reflection and will be able to read your comments the following week. We will also publish personal achievements on the Blog, so please keep the teachers updated with personal achievements in sport, dance, gymnastics, Beavers, Brownies etc.

Over the next few weeks it is our intention to update the Newsletter and Useful Documents pages for parents. These will include items such as the new Nursery handbook, Homework help, Permission slips etc. – So watch this space!

As a school, Bankton Primary will also be planning and preparing for winter readiness in line with West Lothian policy.

We are not planning a school closure anytime soon, however, we want to ensure that learning will continue through the BLOG if we do have to close due to severe weather.

I look forward to continued successful partnership with all of our parents and families and would actively encourage you to ‘KEEP BLOGGING!’