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P2/3 winter activities


Winter Activities


Dear Parents/ Carers

Here is a Snow Day Bingo grid as a suggestion of activities to complete with your child during any snow days.

Practise our new learning in maths – ‘groups of’. Make snowballs and put them into groups – ask your child how many groups there are and how many snowballs there are in each group. Then take a group each and have a snowball fight!

Practise subtraction skills during  your snowball fight.

Write an imaginative story about the snowman that you built.

Use a stick to practise spelling tricky words in the snow.

You can also use the Read Write Count bags to complete literacy and maths activities.



Here are a few websites for any children wishing to continue to practise their literacy/maths skills. – lots of great addition, subtraction and spelling games 



Thanks, Miss Edmond

Delightful Den Building with P1 and P1/2

P1/2 and P1 enjoyed some time out in the playground together this afternoon and worked on their sharing and co-operation skills to work together in small groups to build a den.  This was our first time using the den building equipment and the children all worked together to problem solve and build dens that they could sit inside.  Take a look at us in action!

P1/2 Weekly News!

Last week P1/2 enjoyed an exciting eco week.  On Monday, we learned all about worms! We had Joanne visit us with her wormery.  We found out that worms are good at recycling and they even make compost.  We enjoyed working in groups to create the life cycle of a caterpillar before our trip to see ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ later in the week.

We also learnt about the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and even designed some new bag ideas for ASDA!

On Thursday, we went to see the performance of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and it was amazing!  Mrs Lloyd was very impressed and we all thoroughly enjoyed our trip and represented Bankton Primary really well!

On Friday, we performed our P1 assembly to our families and spoke with confidence and with our big loud, clear voices.  We shared lots of our learning that we have done this year and look forward to telling the nursery children and their parents about this on Wednesday!

Health Week in P1/2

On Monday we had a great start to health week.  We started the day taking part in some multisports activities and had fun practising our steps up, dribbling, throwing and rolling.  It was really fun!

We also enjoyed a visit from Lisa from Childsmile.  She brought along Dexter the Dragon to help teach us about how to brush our teeth properly.  We all got to have a turn of brushing Dexter’s teeth and know how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day.

In the afternoon, we discussed healthy and unhealthy foods and completed the healthy lunchbox competition and today we found out Caleb was the P1/2 winner!  Well done!

On Tuesday, we learned about how to save a life and what to do in an emergency.  It was really good fun and we also learned that we should all be able to say our addresses incase we ever need to tell someone.  Can you tell someone your address?

We also learned about the importance of sleep and good bedtime routines.  We learned about how much sleep lots of different animals and people need and about what we can do to make sure we have a good sleep.

Mrs Sinclair took us to learn about yoga.  We all took part in some hungry caterpillar yoga and loved it!

On Tuesday and Friday morning Miss Dyet led our ‘Shake and Wake’ which was really good fun.  Even mums, dads, brothers, sisters and grandparents were allowed to take part!  It woke us all up in the morning!

Finally, today we went for a lovely ‘Daily Mile’ walk around Dedridge pond and some of our parents even joined us too!  It was a great health week!

A Busy Start to Health Week for P2/3

We have done so much at the beginning of health week that we wanted to let everyone know about the special activities we have been doing so far…

We started health week yesterday by inviting Mrs Stewart to join us for our daily mile.  We had a talk from the ladies from Childsmile who reminded us how to brush our teeth correctly and gave us a chance to brush Dexter and Yoshi’s teeth.

After break we did some multi-sports in the hall as well as having P.E. with Mr Muldoon in the afternoon!!

Oskar liked doing the daily mile and Izaak enjoyed having a chance to brush Dexter and Yoshi’s teeth.  Abi has liked all the activities especially trying to throw the small hoops into the big hoop.

Today our morning started with ‘shake and wake’ in the hall as it was too wet to be outside.

We then did more P.E. with Miss Campbell.  Chloe and Niamh both said they enjoyed the races (I think the egg and spoon was a favourite!) and Charlie liked doing hockey.

Next we took our teddies to learn how to save a life.  We were shown how to do CPR by pushing down on our teddies chests and talked about how to call an ambulance.

We did our daily mile by walking round the school so we can keep up with our Bankton marathon challenge and finished this with a visit to the fire engine that came to the school.  We all had a turn sitting inside even though it was very wet outside!!

Health week has been very popular so far.  Here are some of the children’s thoughts about it…

“It’s been super fun and by the end of the week I will be exhausted because of all the fun!”   Cameron Ch.

“Health week is the best week ever!”  Casey

“I like to play sports so I don’t want health week to end!”  Jamie

P1/2 Update!

Last week in maths we were busy practising counting in 2s.  We used magnetic numbers, cubes, lego and much more to help us to do this.  Mrs Lloyd is impressed with how we are doing!

We also practised using positional language to give directions.  We went outside to the playground and Mrs Lloyd pretended we were robots and programmed us to move and follow her directions!

On Tuesday, we welcomed parents in to see the super work that we have been doing in maths during our last PATPAL event of the session.  We were the teachers and were teaching all the parents and grandparents!  Thanks to everyone who was able to come along and join us.  It was so much fun!

In our topic work, we were learning about the different parts of a pirate ship. We used our cutting and sticking skills to label a picture.  We are getting really good at remembering the different parts.

Finally, we were developing our ICT skills and used a computer programme called Clicker 6 to turn ourselves into pirates! Only a few of us have had a go so far but everyone will get a turn!


Fun Run Fanatics in P1/2!

Another busy week in P1/2.  In maths we were practising our numbers to 20 and were looking at the numbers before and after other numbers.

We also spoke about positional language and looked at on top, behind, underneath, beside etc.  We had great fun sitting penguin in the right position and then even tried it out ourselves!  It was very funny when Mrs Lloyd asked everyone to go underneath their chair!

It was the sponsored fun run today and P1 and P1/2 were super stars in the really hot weather.  They ran around the playground a few times and even took part in some super silly fun run races!

It was very tiring though!

This is P1/2 in relaxation mode afterwards!

To end off a super sunny day we read some books outside on the grass with our friends from P1.

P1/2 to the Rescue!

Primary 1/2 have been working very hard this week.  In maths, we learned about greater than, less than and equal to and used lolly sticks to make these symbols.

We also practised talking about 2D and 3D shapes.  We talked about the sides, corners and faces and even felt the shapes in a feely bag and described them to our friends to see if they could guess the shape we were feeling!

As part of our technology work, we planned and designed a raft with our partner to help save Captain Blackbeard and help him get back to his ship.  We used the results of our science investigation into which materials could float or sink to help us choose suitable materials to make the raft with.  It was really fun!

Thanks again to Olivia’s gran who gave up her own time again this week to come in to read us some stories.  The boys and girls always enjoy this and appreciate you coming in to work with us.

Co-operation and Teamwork in P1/2

P1/2 have done themselves proud this week as they were able to talk to our special visitors about their learning with great confidence.

In maths, we worked on finding lots of different ways to make 10.  We used rekenreks, cubes, bead strings, numicon and much more!

We have also been learning how to read and set half past times on analogue clocks.   This has been tricky but we will practise this again next week and will remember that our marvellous mistakes help us learn!  We particularly enjoyed designing and making our own watches with our brilliant parent helper Ms Graham.  Thank You!

During our reading routes work this week we used our question words to make up questions that would help us to find out more about pirate ships.  We came up with some really good questions to help us learn even more!

We were astonished when we received a message from Captain Blackbeard asking for our help! He wants us to make a raft to help him to get back to his ship so we wrote back to say we will help him.

As we continue to work through our pirate topic, we had fun again out in the structured play area.  We enjoyed dressing up as pirates, playing with the small pirate ships, hunting for tricky word treasure, building a pirate ship/treasure chest with the lego and lots more!

Thanks also to Chloe’s gran who came in to read to the boys and girls again this week.  We love having your in our classroom.

Finally, we enjoyed the lovely weather yesterday by spending lots of time practising our co-operation and kindness values as we played and helped each other outside. It was so much fun!

We played on the new trim trail.

We enjoyed starting our Bankton marathon and completed our first half mile!

We had fun on the tyre park.

We also enjoyed reading in the sun with the new comfy cushions!  It was the best day ever!

Keep up the good work!

Measuring Success in P1/2!

P1/2 have been working hard in maths this week.  We have been working on a pirate maths task which involved us in recording results in a tally chart which we then used to make a bar chart.  We also worked on estimating the length of some objects before measuring them with cubes and lolly sticks.  While doing all of this we also revised our number stories to 9 and used lots of different materials to help us do this!

In Science, we learnt about living things, non-living things and things that were once alive.  We practised our co-operations skills and worked in groups to cut out pictures and sort them under the correct headings.  We also looked at the life cycle of a chicken and worked in teams to create super lifecycle pictures!

We finished off our super detailed pirate portraits and had fun in the structured play area where we were creative at the art table, played with the pirate ships and pretended to be pirates burying treasure!

Keep up the good work me hearties!!