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Suspicion and suspense in P7a…..

In P7a this week, we have been writing in the mystery genre.  We talked about features in a mystery genre such as red herrings, suspense, tension, clues and another word for a detective which is is a sleuth.  After discussion, we realised that mystery writing is all about making the reader ask questions and then only answering them bit by bit.  An animation we all watched together generated a lot of questions, just as a mystery story should!  Why don’t you watch it and leave us a comment with the questions it made you ask?

We wanted to share some of our mystery writing with you…

Stewart: “The top of the gang was an eminence grise.  He would not listen to the gang, perhaps only on occasion.”

Fraser: “I went to the toilet but I forgot to look at the sign. The toilet was out of order. I was too late.  I heard the door click shut and then it locked…”

Robbie: ” Lying on the floor was the innocent body of Ashley, the woman who I normally work with.  She had brutal injuries. I heard a thud…”

Amber:”I went looking for him but he had already disappeared…”

Ellis: “No car was in sight.  Everything was conventional but a for file in among all the garbage.  All it had in it was rent, payment and bills.  I took it just in case.”

P7a Blog written this week by Ellis Sherwood.

P7a go Eco Wild!

During Eco week Primary 7a set themselves the challenge of creating life-like wildlife art work.   It took a lot of perseverance (and working through our frustrations)  to create images that had all the correct visual details that would bring our wild animals to life.  Have a look at some of our finished masterpieces!

IMG_1191 IMG_1192 IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1195

We also investigated food chains and webs in our science work, identifying ‘producers’, ‘primary consumers’ and ‘secondary consumers’.  We considered and discussed the changes that can happen in an ecosystem and to food chains when we make changes in our world.


It’s more fun that it sounds, especially when you get to learn by singing (and dancing for those who felt like it) the information!


Sensational Scientists @ the JYHS Science Fair

Congratulations to our P.7 Scientists who presented their projects with confidence and flair at the Science Fair on Monday night. The Science Fair was an excellent way to showcase their skills of predicting, experimenting and evaluating. Thank you also to the parents and families who came to encourage our P.7s – it was great to share our learning with you. We were very proud when Fraser Muir was awarded 1st Prize for his mould experiment, based around the question:

‘Mum, do I really have to wash my hands?’

The answer was a definite YES!!!

image image image image image

Well Done to our Bankton Ambassadors!

P.7 were commended today for their exemplary behaviour at Benmore by Mrs Gardyne, Headteacher of Ormiston Primary School in East Lothian. Staff and pupils of Ormistom Primary were at Benmore at the same time as pupils and staff at Bankton. They said that our staff were friendly and made their stay at Benmore a happy team working experience. Our pupils were commended as polite, respectful and kind to others.

The following boys were given a special mention by Ormiston staff as ‘ campers of the week’:

Glenn Love, Kyle Bailey, Billy Drummond, Robbie Colvin and Ben Mason.

Well Done boys – you are officially Bankton ‘ambassadors’!

Our 5 Ambassadors - representing their school with style!
Our 5 Ambassadors – representing their school with style!

Greetings from Benmore – P.7 camp

Benmore 12

Staff and Pupils arrived safely at Benmore after a long but trouble-free journey including a stop in Luss for lunch. Everyone was very excited to arrive in Benmore at 2.15pm.

After carrying some very heavy luggage to their rooms and settling in everyone met the instructors and went outside to explore the forest trail. Mrs. Ferguson claimed P.7 found every puddle and jumped straight in!

They enjoyed dinner of fish and chips followed by evening activities in the common room.

Today Mrs. Ferguson’s group were climbing and abseiling – quite a challenge, BUT with a growth mindset they met the challenge!

More news and photos to follow tomorrow. Watch this space!


Well done to all the boys and girls in P1, 2 and 3 on your fantastic nativity performances this week.  Everyone did really well with amazing singing, narrating, acting, speaking parts and instrument playing.  You all did a great job and told the Christmas story really well, making everyone really proud. A big thank you goes out to our Primary 7 technical team who helped with the music and the lights during our performances and Mrs Smail for helping to organise all the costumes and being the official photographer!!

Here are some of the stars all dressed up in their nativity gear.   Looking good Primary 1b!



Class Talks

A big well done to P1b as last week they presented their class talks about their favourite toys which they worked on at home as part of their homework.  The class were a super audience for each other and I was very impressed with all the confident individuals who were able to use a loud and clear voice.  Lots of good questions were thought up by the audience and some detailed and well thought out answers were provided by the presenters.  Impressive work – I better watch out!!

100_5727 100_5728 100_5729 100_5730 100_5733 100_5734 100_5735 100_5736 100_5737 100_5738 100_5739 100_5740 100_5741 100_5742 100_5743 100_5744 100_5745 100_5746 100_5748 100_5749 100_5751

Meteorite Master!

Last week to celebrate the solar eclipse, Sarah brought in a meteorite from home to share with the whole class.  She was very confident standing up in front of the class where she enjoyed telling the class how old the meteorite was and pointing out that it was much older than her dad!  Sarah passed it round and let everyone have a hold before showing us some pictures from her meteorite book.  She did such a good job telling us all about it that we thought she should go through and impress Mrs Thomson and P1/2.  Thank you for teaching us all about meteorites Sarah – you did a great job!

100_3977 100_3980 100_3979 100_3978

A Mystery in P1!

On Tuesday, our friendly dragon left us a small bowl and a spoon in our library area.  P1a spent most of the day wondering what on earth the dragon was trying to tell us.  After racking their brains all morning, Detective Sarah eventually worked out that the dragon had left us this clue to tell us to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The children enjoyed this story and were very good at using a big voice for daddy bear, a medium sized voice for mummy bear and a tiny little squeaky voice for baby bear!



P1 have been working hard this week to learn the number stories of 6.  To help us do this we were using skittles.  The children took turns to roll the bowling ball to see how many skittles they could knock over.  We then wrote down how many skittles were standing and how many had been knocked down to help us work out all the number stories of 6.  Luckily the children were much better at this than Mrs Lloyd and are becoming faster with their recall of thenumber stories for 6.  Josh was a bit worried that Mrs Stewart might drop in and see us having too much fun!!

100_5411 100_5413 100_5412 100_5410 100_5409 100_5408 100_5407