Confident Individuals in P1/2

P1/2 have had a very busy week and have been working very hard.  In literacy, we have been learning some new sounds.  We learned that ‘t’ is a quiet light blue sound made using your tongue tip and that ‘a’ and ‘i’ are black vowel sounds made by opening your mouth wide like a big tunnel.

We have also been working on holding our pencils properly and forming our sounds correctly in handwriting.  Before we worked in our jotters, we practised writing the sounds on our partner’s backs and the whiteboard.

In maths, we have been working on counting accurately and on reading the number names to 10.  We have been doing lots of work using ten frames and during number talks we have been explaining how we got our answer and have been challenging and defending others answers.

As part of our health work we have been discussing emotions and have been looking at the Inside Out characters and thinking about times when we felt a certain emotion.

Finally, in topic work this week we have been discussing the four seasons and brainstormed some of the things that happen in each season.  We went for a walk around the playground with our buddies and had a chat about some of the signs of autumn that we can look out for.  We have been singing this catchy seasons song – take a peek!

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