Wonderful Work in Primary 1/2

P1/2 have worked very hard this week on counting groups of objects and then adding them together.  We can recognise the add and equals sign and have been learning how to write addition sums.  We have been practising locking the big number in our head to help us count on to quickly find the answer e.g. 5+3 – we lock the 5 in our heads and then count on 6,7,8.  We are getting better at this!

In literacy, we have been busy learning the r, l and ai sounds!  Here is a little clip of us singing along to the ai song.  We hope that you enjoy it!

To help us with blending our sounds to read words we have played some fun games at the teach table this week.  We played a fun game called ‘Win it or Bin it!’ where we rolled three dice to make a word.  We then sounded out our word and decided if it was not a real word we would bin it and if it was a real word we would win it!  It was fun and we made up some funny nonsense words!  We also played BOOM where we picked words out of a bag and used our blending skills to try and read the word.  If someone picked out a BOOM card the game blew up and was over.  The winner was the person or persons with the most cards.  We have also been working on forming all of our letters correctly.

On Thursday, we all dressed up in yellow or something spotty and made a donation to help raise money for Children in Need.  Well done!


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