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Transition Day -Round 2!

We had our second transition day yesterday with the boys and girls from the Early Years. After sharing what we were looking forward to doing next year we spent time getting to know each other in the various play areas in the classroom. After play time we ventured outdoors to our “forest” where we played some movement games and worked with a friend to find different coloured things in and around the trees. The trees continue to grow well, creating a super space for us to play and learn.

Outdoor Education

Yesterday, Mrs Tait took advantage of the fine weather to take the children outside to work on science activities.  They explored our nature garden and worked together to find examples of living and non living things.  Back in the classroom, they sorted the examples they had found in different ways and recorded their findings.  What a beautiful day to be outside, exploring and learning in our outdoor, school surroundings!



Boddam Beach Clean – Voar Redd Up

What a beautiful afternoon for our beach clean!  It was a big task again this year and today, we just concentrated on picking up as much plastic as we could find.  P1/2 worked hard and did a super job!  Thank you to the parents who joined in too.  Many hands make light work!


2D Shape

Today small groups have worked around different 2D shape stations.  They were busy playing a shape game with Mrs Sutherland where they had to spot shapes in the environment.  Some had to create and continue repeating patterns and in pairs, they worked on describing shapes for their partner to guess.  The final station asked them to create 2D pictures and patterns on an iPad and count how many of each shape was used.  Everyone enjoyed the Maths session today!


P1/2 were excited to prepare for advent by helping to create our Kindness Wreath.  Each day, we read out a different act of kindness that it is hoped they will try to carry out at school.  Please see your child’s diary for suggested acts of kindness that they could do at home during the weekends too!  As well as our class wreath, each child received a note home asking them to contribute to our Food Bank on a given day.  We are very grateful to you for supporting us with this.

Maths – Measurement

Today during Maths time, we have been exploring length.  We have been measuring to show “longer than” and “shorter than”.


National Poetry Day – 28.9.17

The theme for National Poetry Day this year was, “Freedom”.  In P1/2 we decided to look at the freedom we have to play and how fortunate we are to live where we do and have wonderful experiences right on our doorstep.  This can clearly be seen in the beautiful photos sent in to help us with this!  Thank you!  The P1 children used their photo to complete the, “Freedom is…” sentence.  P2 wrote acrostic poems to share their thoughts.  The photos and poems are displayed in the dining area so please go and have a look when you are in for your parent appointments next week.

We also really enjoyed listening to the poem, “I Opened A Book” by Julia Donaldson and we have spoken about what the poem is trying to tell us about using our imaginations when we are reading.  The class enjoyed sharing their favourite book with a talking partner and drew and wrote about where their imaginations take them.

Source: I Opened A Book | Poetry | Scottish Poetry Library