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Robot Rumpus!

P1/2 have started to prepare for World Book Day.  We have read and enjoyed “Robot Rumpus!” by S.Taylor and R.Collins.  Today, the children were asked to think about what jobs they would like a robot to help them with.  They named their robots and started to create them using different craft materials.  The next step will be to write about what their robot does for them, to accompany their pictures.  Here are a few photos of our work in progress!



Stick Man

This week, we have listened to the very popular Stick Man story by Julia Donaldson.  We have sequenced parts of the story and have used it to help us revise some of our sounds.  P2 have enjoyed making small books with pictures and writing.  We have also been using parts of the story to help us with our number work.  Today, we looked at the family tree picture in detail and started to draw our own black pen pictures.  Sadly, it was too wet for us to look for our own stick men in the garden!  Maybe tomorrow!


Cutting Skills – Fine Motor Skills

This week, everybody has worked on their cutting skills.  Our hard work has been made into beautiful pictures that will be displayed outside our class.  Scissor cutting takes a surprising amount of skill, patience and perseverance!

P1/2 Bucket Filling Assembly

Well done to P1/2 this morning!  You all performed brilliantly and should be so proud of yourselves!  Thank you to our super audience for so willingly joining in.  Thanks to our friends and families for helping us prepare at home and for supporting us on the day.  Thanks to John and Mrs Inkster too.  Can we do it all again?

Drumming Assembly

What a busy day we’ve had in  P1/2!  It started off with a drumming assembly with Joy Duncan.  P1/2 were on first and what a brilliant opening act!  Well done everyone for your enthusiasm and focus to play the correct rhythm.





We’re ready for you SMUHA!

P1/2 have been busy making helmets and torches ready for the South Mainland Up-Helly-Aa celebrations.  They have also worked on various cutting and painting projects to help decorate the dining hall and corridors.  We took a class photo beside the school galley, “Fivla” today.  I think they look the part!  Looking forward to our school procession and galley burning tomorrow and a visit from the jarl squad in the afternoon.


Remembrance Day 11.11.16

This week, P1 have been preparing for Remembrance Day by painting poppy pictures, talking about how and why it is commemorated and taking part in a one minute silence.

Here is the video clip we watched together.  In quite simple terms, it explains what Remembrance Day is and how it came about.  It also tells the story of how the poppy became a familiar emblem of Remembrance Day.  We thought you might like to share watching it with your child.