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Baldy Bane Theatre Company Performance

Primary six and seven enjoyed a performance called ‘The Journey’  by the Baldy Bane Theatre company this morning.  The performance was ‘forum theatre’ which meant that the pupils were able to particiapte throughout the play and were invited to make certain decisions to determine the outcome of the scenes.  The key messages of the play were all about road safety.  The pupils shared a lot of great knowledge to ensure a safe outcome for all of the characters in the play.

Busy Week in P7S

P7S had an extremely busy week last week! We went to the street to see this year’s Guizer Jarl, Stewart Jamieson and his squad on Tuesday for Up Helly Aa day and were lucky to get a visit from them in the afternoon. We had a visit from Jill Charleson on Thursday who works for the NHS. She was speaking to us about making healthy choices. She showed us some artificial lungs and what they would look like for a non-smoker/someone who smokes up to 20 cigarettes a day – the pupils in P7S were shocked to see the lungs that had been exposed to so much smoke. On Friday we finished up with our hop at Sound school which we all really enjoyed – it was good to spend time with the P7 pupils from Sound and also great to see some of the Jarl Squad again! On Friday we also said our goodbyes to Miss Clubb, who has been with us for a month as part of her teaching practice.

P7 transition mornings

Both P7 classes have spent a morning up at the AHS this week. They all participated in cooperative learning activities with pupils from other Primary schools and they were supported by Secondary 2 AHS pupils. They had the chance to explore the building, meet new people and try out the lunches at the AHS. We have had super feedback from the pupils. 

Visit from Morrison’s Construction

On Wednesday 10th May, we had a visit from Morrison’s construction, who are building the new AHS. They provided a really interesting workshop for P7S, with 3 different activities. One involved creating a solid construction using cocktail sticks and midget gems. The second activity was a word search containing different words associated with the construction industry. The third activity involved pupils looking at a diagram of the new AHS and considering which roles each members on the site had. The session ended with a visit from their ‘mascots’!