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P7S Climate Poetry Winners

As part of their topic on Climate, P7S took part in a poerty competition run by the Church of Scotland.  Pupils were asked to write a poem to reflect their feelings about the climate emergency and the impact it is having on the world.  The quality of work produced was outstanding and it was obvious to see that pupils had a lot of knowledge about climate change and COP26 and had strong feelings about these events.

Three winners in the 9-12 age group were selected and they were all from P7S!  The winners were Willow, Josie & Findlay.  They were invited along to a Climate Service at the Church of Scotland in Lerwick where Willow read out the poems.

A huge well done to Willow, Findlay & Josie!

Watch the videos below to listen to the winning entries.  Thanks to the Church of Scotland and David and Kate Grieve for producing the videos.


World Book Day 2020

The Bell’s Brae Pupil Council would like to thank the pupils from nursery to P7 who participated in our World Book Day celebrations  by dressing up; attending our book sale or even just taking time to read during the day!

Our Book Sale raised a very successful £171.50 which will be used to update our classroom libraries.

Thank you to our Pupil Council photographers who captured a few moments throughout the day.

Sharing Stories

Primary 5s have created their own ‘alternative’ fairy tales.  We spent some time exploring a variety of picture books which had alternative endings to the traditional stories we all know.   The children then had to write their own version and turn it into a picture book which they then shared with P1n.

The boys and girls in P1 loved this and said that they recognised the stories but they were much more interesting and really liked the illustrations! P5 really enjoyed being able to share their work with some of our younger children and P1n were excellent listeners!

Interview with Guiser Jarl

Pupils in P7n and P7s had an opportunity today to interview this year’s Guiser Jarl for Lerwick Up Helly Aa, Stewart Jamieson, along with his son, Haydn. Pupils in these classes have been planning the interview since we came back after the Christmas holidays, thinking carefully about the difference between open and closed questions. Stewart took in the helmet, shield and axe he wore and carried when he was in the Junior Jarl Squad as a young boy. The pupils really enjoyed asking him questions and it gave them a real insight into what is involved in becoming Jarl as well as the build up to Up Helly Aa day at the end of January. We wished Stewart and Haydn all the best for the big day with three cheers at the end of the interview.