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Busy Week in P7S

P7S had an extremely busy week last week! We went to the street to see this year’s Guizer Jarl, Stewart Jamieson and his squad on Tuesday for Up Helly Aa day and were lucky to get a visit from them in the afternoon. We had a visit from Jill Charleson on Thursday who works for the NHS. She was speaking to us about making healthy choices. She showed us some artificial lungs and what they would look like for a non-smoker/someone who smokes up to 20 cigarettes a day – the pupils in P7S were shocked to see the lungs that had been exposed to so much smoke. On Friday we finished up with our hop at Sound school which we all really enjoyed – it was good to spend time with the P7 pupils from Sound and also great to see some of the Jarl Squad again! On Friday we also said our goodbyes to Miss Clubb, who has been with us for a month as part of her teaching practice.

Interview with Guiser Jarl

Pupils in P7n and P7s had an opportunity today to interview this year’s Guiser Jarl for Lerwick Up Helly Aa, Stewart Jamieson, along with his son, Haydn. Pupils in these classes have been planning the interview since we came back after the Christmas holidays, thinking carefully about the difference between open and closed questions. Stewart took in the helmet, shield and axe he wore and carried when he was in the Junior Jarl Squad as a young boy. The pupils really enjoyed asking him questions and it gave them a real insight into what is involved in becoming Jarl as well as the build up to Up Helly Aa day at the end of January. We wished Stewart and Haydn all the best for the big day with three cheers at the end of the interview.