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7th March 2020

Primary netball League Results

All league matches have now been complete and Bells Brae Tirricks have finished 3rd place in the North League out of 8 teams-an excellent result. They won 5 matches and lost 2.

Unfortunately they have just missed out on the finals day, but they have had a very successful year. Thanks to Miss Birnie and Miss Henry who have lead training after school and coordinated their fixtures which took place all over Shetland.

The finals day will be open for any spectators. It was Baltasound, Whiteness, Dunrossness and Sound Blue who made it into the finals. The date is yet to be confirmed.

5th March 2020

Peerie Netballers

Peerie Netballers has started again for pupils in P1/2. This is for both boys and girls and is a basic introduction into netball focusing on movement, space and hand to eye coordination. To book on email

26th February 2020

Social Fitness

Each year Active Schools along with Psychological Services run an enhanced transition program called Social Fitness. This is a block of activities specifically designed for P7 pupils who may require extra support in transitioning to High School.

The program brings together pupils from all Lerwick/central schools and gives pupils an opportunity to meet new people, build links, build friendships and build self confidence.

Today the 12 pupils from across 5 schools met at the Gilbertson Park where we had fun doing introductions and a detective activity finishing off with a ball game. All pupils are looking forward to the next week and have all made new friends already!

26th February 2020

Inter schools Boccia tournament

Today was the first ever inter-school boccia tournament held in Brae with pupils from Brae, Scound and Bells Brae attending. Boccia is a target game similar to bowls. It is a para sport but can be enjoyed by all abilities.

Everyone had a fantastic time and participants were awarded a medal and certificate for their exceptional effort and skill.

20th February 2020

In Service Playground Games

Today Active Schools delivered a session on playground games to staff of Bells Brae and Sound. We had around 40 participants and had a lot of fun trying out games such as “splat” and “Stoney”! Hopefully staff feel confident and equipped to try out some new games at play times!

10th February 2020

P3 Yoga

Child’s Yoga instructor Donna Mainland is starting her P3 yoga today. This is free of charge to participants and taking place straight after school in the gym hall.

3rd February 2020

Badminton Big Hit Festival

Jane Grant who is Highlands and Islands Badminton Development Officer was up in Shetland today and she visited Bells Brae to deliver a Big Hit festival! This is an introduction to badminton where she goes through the basics while setting challenges. The p6 pupils had a great time. P6/7 Badminton club will be starting again after Easter with club coach Zoe.

30th January 2020

Community Sport Information

If you are in school have a look at our Community Sport board which is located outside the PE gym hall. There is lots of information on community activities and contacts you need to get active!

Any questions you have on any of the posters, please contact Sanna on

27th January 2020

Junior UHA Hops!

Today the School Sports Committee helped organise and run the HOPs. The committee took charge of announcing the dances as well as explaining and running some games!

They all did a fantastic job!

14th January 2020

Lunchtime carpet bowls

Names have been gathered P5 pupils who have expressed an interest in completing a 6 week block of carpet bowls! Volunteer deliverers will be in today to start the sessions.


2nd December 2019

Parents join in Peerie Netballers!

Tonight for the final peerie netballers session before the Christmas break, some of the parents came along to join in! Everyone involved had a fantastic time!

22nd November 2019

Calcutta Cup

After a draw against England in the 6 Nations competition, the Scotland Rugby team hold onto the Calcutta Cup! The cup came to Shetland today and the pupils at Bells Brae got to see it and ask lots of questions to Scottish Rugby rep Tavish Scott. The cup is made of 1000’s of melted down Indian Rupees and is said to be so valuable they cannot put a price on it! Well done Scotland for winning it for a second year in a row!

In addition to seeing the cup, some classes got the chance to take part in a practical rugby session delivered by the Shetland Rugby coaches. If you want more information on joining the local Rugby club, they have a Facebook page called ‘Shetland RFC’ or you can get in touch with Sanna Aitken on for more information.


14th November

Swim Skills

Each year, Active Schools coordinate a program called swim skills. This year the program was funded by Tescos Bags for Life.

The program is offered to pupils in P6/7 who have not achieved their Scottish Swimming Standard. These pupils are offered a further 6 week block of swimming delivered by qualified SRT swimming teachers to improve their swimming skills.

8 pupils from Bells Brae got the chance and most pupils passed the SSS assessment by the end of the block!

13th November

P6/7 Hockey Club

Mrs Redfern has now started an after school hockey club! Email if you would like to book a space!

12th November

School Sport Committee

The new School sport committee met today for the first time to plan their first event. This is going to be a collection for Children in Need.

Our new committee consists of the following pupils whose photos are in order below: Esther (P7s), Liam (P7n), Jessi (P6s), Rhys (P6n) Frankie (P5n), Tyler (P5s), Charlie (P4n), Niamh (P4s)

11th November

Primary Netball League and Peerie Netballers have begun

Today is the first day of peerie netballers and the Primary Netball League (PNL). Bells Brae have entered one team into the PNL and they have 4 fixtures between now and March.

Here is the Peerie Netballers in their new bibs!

29th October 2019

After school clubs!

Lots of after school clubs to look forward to this term and next! We have P6/7 netball, hockey, P4/5 rugby, P3 yoga and P1/2 peerie netballers! Something for everyone!

Keep an eye on your emails and kids schoolbags for more information coming out. Also like the ‘Bells Brae Parent Council’ and ‘Shetland Sport and Leisure’ Facebook Pages for more sporting/physical activity opportunities.

4th October 2019

Young Leaders takeover!

Today was the finale of the Young Leaders course and the p6’s finished off with a bang by delivering a fantastic active session to the P2 pupils.

They put all their good leadership skills to the test by delivering a series of brand new games too the younger pupils, focusing on good organisation, communication and cooperation. The P2’s loved it!

This now means all P6 pupils are fully qualified and can take on the role of “Buddies” in the P1/2 playground at lunch times.


19th/20th September 2019

iLead Engage Workshop-P7’s

Stuart Conquer from Youth Scotland visited the isles to deliver some leadership courses over 2 days and Bell’s Brae P7’s had the chance to complete the iLead Engage workshop.

The workshop is descrribed as “A fun and practical session which will explore leadership through games and teambuilding activities”. They took part in games, challenges and explored the concept of leadership.

Through this workshop, all P7’s complete a Hi5 Award (SCQF Level 2).

19th September 2019

Getting Started Netball Coaching Course

Netball Scotland were up today delivering courses to coaches and teachers. One of the courses was called  Getting Started.  Mrs Malcolmson gave up her free evening to attended the session along with 22 other coaches, teachers and volunteers. Hopefully this gives coaches more content when they come to deliver in schools.

30th August 2019

Leaders in Primary

Every year, Active Schools coordinate a program between the Anderson High School and primary schools called Leaders in Primary where s6 pupils can gain experience as a classroom assistant. Any s6 pupils who is interested can sign up and are placed within a primary school class and work once a week as a classroom assistant.

This year Bells Brae will be gaining 3 new classroom assistants who will come in once a week for a few hours to offer the class support. Please welcome Miss Mann into P6s, Miss Morris into P5 and Miss Anderson into P6n.

22nd August 2019

Young Leaders

Welcome back after the summer holidays!

We are straight in this week delivering Young Leaders to the new P6 pupils! The course is an introduction to sport and physical activity leadership and is the start for many future clubs volunteers!

26th March 2019

Fencing Fun!

Phil from the Shetland Fencing Club has been delivering taster sessions to P6 Bells Brae pupils where they have been learning the skills and game rules. For anyone interested in joining the club, please search “Shetland Fencing Club” on the internet and you can contact the club that way.


14th March 2019

Free Swimming Taster sessions!

14th March 2019

P2 Lunch time Dodgeball Club

The Sports Committee have started a lunch time bowls club for the P2 pupils. They introduced them to some new versions such as “Secret Agent Dodgeball” and “Skittles Dodgeball”. The club is into its 3rd week and the P2’s are loving it!

8th February 2019

P5 Bowls Lunch Club

Today the P5 bowls lunch time club started. 24 pupils will take part in a 6 week league and the winners will be invited to attend the regional finals day in March. There are 3 voluntary coaches who come along to deliver the bowls.

17th January 2019

School Sports Committee

The School Sports committee includes 10 pupils from P5-P7 who meet monthly to discuss and organise projects and events. At the meeting today we planned the upcoming Up Helly Aa HOPS. The pupils were disucssing games to play and choosing the dances. They will help out at the events by delivering the games and helping the younger years have lots of fun!

9th November 2018

Buddy Club

The newly qualified Buddies are up and running now with their lunch time buddy club. They are on a rota where they take turns to go out in to the P1/2/3 playground and help organise games for them to play.

12th October 2018

Young Leaders Finale

On the last day of term, the P6 young leaders lead an activity session for the P2 pupils. The P6 pupils have been learning skills to become a good Young Leader which qualifies them to then go out into the playground and lead activities for the younger pupils in the school. They will become buddies!

17th October 2018

Primary 4 and above Girls Football

Be part of one of Shetland’s fastest growing sports! Shetland girls football welcome all GIRLS P4 and up to join the club. Training is from 4:30pm-6:00pm on Sundays on the 60:40 at Clickimin. Training starts on Sunday 4th November. If your child is keen please register them by emailing

8th October 2018

GOLD School Sport Award

Bell’s Brae Primary School are the first school in Shetland to receive the School Sport Award! An amazing achievement! The Big Lottery Funded, SportScotland School Sport Award is a national initiative to help schools continually improve school sport and PE. With the help of Active Schools and the School Sport Committee, Bells Brae have become the first to be awarded with Gold. SportScotland’s Jaqueline Lynn, Head of School and Community, traveled to Shetland to present the school with their award.

27th September 2018

Learner Led Event

The Bells Brae School Sport Committee ran some activity in the PE games hall for pupils in P1, 2 and 3 at this years Learner Led Event. The committee designed, set up and ran some stations including hoopla and beat the goalie. The young pupils in the school had an excellent evening trying out the activities and the committee members did a superb job of demonstrating and helping them play.

15th June 2018

Calcutta Cup

Rugby Legend Chris Patterson visited Shetland with the Calcutta Cup! This is a cup competed for between Scotland and England within the 6 nations. Scotland won this year for the first time in 10 years! Bells Brae pupils had the chance to visit Chris and the cup in the 60:40 and took part in a practical rugby session with the Shetland Rugby Cub after it! They had a question and answer session with Chris too!

6th June 2018

Tennis Tasters

We have a qualified Level 2 tennis coach on island! Andrew will be offering taster sessions for all primary pupils. If you would like a consent form to book on please email me on

30th May 2018

Community Sport Board

Have a look at our new community Sport Board located outside the PE department. It has information on some community clubs in the Lerwick area. If you know of a club that is missing feel free to send me the details on and I will have a poster made up!

23rd March 2018

School Sports Committee

This year we have started up our first ever School Sport Committee. Pupils applied to be on the committee and we had over 30 applications. It was excellent to see the enthusiasm and thankyou to all who applied, it was a difficult pick! We have selected the following pupils to be on the Sports Committee:

P5- Saara McDougal, Lois Tait, Oliwier Stefanski

P6- Aiden Smith, Ryan Sherwood, Emma Couttes

P7- Artur Vavilov, Cameron Johnston, Ruth Anderson, James Smith

The first meeting will be after the Easter holidays at 2:15pm on Monday 23rd April. We will keep you all updated on our progress!

21st March 2018

The Big Hit Festival

Jane Grant who is the Highland and Islands Badminton RDM visited Shetland this week. She delivered a Big Hit Festival to P7 pupils of Bells Brae. The pupils learned some basic skills of badminton focusing on movement, body control and under arm shots.

20th March 2018


For the past 6 weeks s1 pupils from AHS and P6/7 pupils from Sound and Bells Brae came together at Clikcimin to compete in netball in the “toon league”. The girls were split into 6 teams and competed for top position with Team 3 coming out on top!

A big thanks to Mrs Wood, Miss Henry and Miss Birnie and Sound School teachers Miss Johnson and Miss Thomson for organising and running the league!

26th February 2018

Is your child keen to try out some swimming tasters to find out what its like to be part of a swimming club? Lerwick Swimming Club are setting on a block of 3 free tasters to pupils P3-P7.

12th February 2018

An opportunity for P3 and 4 pupils to take part in a rugby block organsied by Active Schools, delivered by the Shetland Rugby Coaches. Indoor tag rugby for all abilities. See poster for details.

29th January 2018


Active Schools are part of a national initiative called the Schools Sport Award which is a a tool to help schools continuously improve PE and School Sport. Initially it consists of filling out a self assessment tool, then schools create a School Sports Committee who meet and work to improve sporting opportunities in the school. Its a great program as it allows pupils to be at the heart of decision making, it celebrates successes and helps put PE, sport and physical activity at the heart of the school ethos.

This term I teamed up with PE teacher Mrs Wood and we competed the self assessment. Bells Brae are sitting at a Silver Award just now which is fantastic. Next step is to create our committee and get started on improving some of the areas by implementing some new ideas into the school.


29th January 2018


Each year Active Schools organise placements for s6 pupils of the AHS into primary schools around Shetland. These are pupils who have an interest in working with children and are thinking to peruse a career in teaching or working with children. It gives them quality experience in the field and is great for their CV’s when applying for jobs or further education. This year we have 15 senior pupils who are placed around primary schools with 5 placed in classrooms in Bells Brae. The feedback is always positive with the class teachers using the senior students as classroom assistants helping them for an afternoon every week. For more information on the Leaders in Primary Programme email Sanna on

29th January 2018


Each year Active Schools run a primary netball league for all primary schools in Shetland. This year the league has 16 team entries and the teams are split into a North and South League. Bells Brae have 2 teams entered this year, the “Tirricks” (north league) and the “Tysties” (south league). Teams take part in fixtures every month which are run by Active Schools and Shetland Junior Netball Coach volunteers. The league finishes in March with a Finals Day where the top 2 teams in each league come together to determine an overall winner.  Both Bells Brae teams are doing great this year with the Tirricks winning all their games so far and the Tysties winning most of their games too!

There is also a heavy focus on good sportsmanship where they can accumulate points for showing good sportsmanship values of which there is a shield presented to the team with most points at the end of the season. They are encouraged to display good manners, teamwork and to try their best to create a positive experience fro all involved.

29th January 2018


This year Active Schools along with the Bells Brae have worked to create opportunities specifically for the younger pupils in the school to be active outside of curriculum. 3 clubs were set up this year for the Nursery, P1, P2 and P3 pupils in the school.

The first was in conjunction with Netball Club coach Alina Murray and assistant coach Emma Sandison who set up “Peerie Netballers”. This was an 8 week block of netball activity run at the Gilbertson Park for nursery and P1 pupils. The focus was on hand to eye coordination, movement and teamwork.

The second club was a P2 and P3 “Come Try” club where I organised for 6 clubs to deliver a session each to give the pupils a taster of some different activities. This ran in the lead up to Christmas and proved popular! The club coaches delivered the activities and 12 volunteer parents gave up time to supervise and help out at the club which ran at lunch time on Saturday. The activities included football, rugby, dance, netball, racket skills and hockey!

The third block of activity for younger years was a P1 and P2 zumba club for pupils of Bells Brae and Sound. The club was funded by active schools and offered to pupils free of charge. The club ran for 4 weeks by club coach Mandy Lindsay. It was a popular club with over 20 attending weekly to learn short dances in a variety of genres.

21st January 2018


Every year Active Schools delivers the “Young Leaders” program to all P6 pupils in Shetland. During the 6 weeks they learn how to deliver fun games to younger pupils focusing on communication, organisation, cooperation, safety and responsibility. They learn lots of life skills and have fun in the process.

This year’s P6 pupils in Bells Brae completed the course last term and now use their qualification to run the buddies program in the school. This is where they actively help out in the P1/2/3 playground during lunch times introducing the younger pupils to new games and help create exciting activity for the younger pupils in the school!

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