Primary 1N Explore Melting and Freezing

Yesterday morning, Primary 1n made ice cubes for an experiment that afternoon.

In the afternoon, we spoke about the frosty weather we have had this past week. We discussed how we stay safe outside in icy conditions and the purpose of “grit”. We made predictions on what would happen if we put grit on an ice cube, and what would happen to an ice cube left alone in the classroom.

We went out for a walk near to the school and spotted some grit salt boxes. We gathered some grit for our experiment. We saw the gritter out, gritting the roads ahead of another cold night.

Back in school we carried out our experiment. The ice cubes covered in grit did in fact melt much quicker than the ice cubes left alone!

Fish and Chip Fundraiser

Tonight we are hosting our first  Fish and Chip Fundraiser. This afternoon there has been a buzz of activity in the canteen. Some p7 pupils chose to help set up during Golden Time.   The canteen ladies are busy prepping lovely, fresh haddocks. We hope many of you can come along.

Wider Achievement


Wider Achievement

Last Friday saw the pupils in P4-7 have their first wider achievement group sessions. These will hopefully give children the chance to develop their skills in a variety of ways as they not only take part in activities they may already familiar with but also by trying something new.  The remaining wider achievement afternoons for P4-7 this term are November 15 and 29 and December 13.


The photos below show some of the pupils from the ‘Let’s Go Golfing’ group developing their skill at the Knab Golf Course.  The group is being led by Mr Leask.

Fish and Chip Night 8th November

Our Fish and Chip night will be on Friday 8 November with fish, macaroni and sausage suppers on the menu. It will start at 5pm, with last orders being taken at 6.45pm. Prices will be £6 for an adult fish supper and £3 for a child’s one. Macaroni and Sausage suppers will both be £5 for an adult and £2 for a child. There will also be ice-cream and sprinkles for £1 for any bairns looking for something sweet to finish their meal!

Please come along!