Bressay Up Helly Aa Squad Visit

Today we welcomed James Anderson and his squad to Bell’s Brae.  Guizar Jarl James was representing Njord, who is said to have had the ability to calm both sea and fire.  His squad suits were a mixture of orange representing ‘fire’ and blue representing the ‘sea’.  We were delighted that James and his squad took the time to visit Bell’s Brae and hope they all have a fantastic day and night!

Primary One Social Snack

Primary One continue to enjoy their weekly “social snack”.

We take turns preparing the snack by spreading, grating, mixing, cutting, rolling and slicing different food items.

We like to talk about what we are eating; discussing foods we like and foods we are not so sure about. Eating a snack together encourages us to ‘try’ different foods we maybe haven’t tried before.

Today, we made Valentine’s cakes 🙂

P2N maths

P2N have been exploring area.  We used different objects from around the classroom to measure the area of our tables.  We decided that objects which fit together and that are the same size are much better for measuring, as there are no gaps between shapes.


Pupils from both Primary 6 classes formed a team to compete in the annual “Euroquiz” competition, run by the Scottish European Educational Trust.  They competed against teams from 11 other Shetland schools, answering questions about the geography, history, languages and culture of Europe.  They did a fantastic job of representing Bell’s Brae!