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Goodbye Primary 7 and Good Luck

Today we said goodbye to an amazing group or young people.

Class of 2022

Starting school in 2015, young and sweet and keen,
Moving on in ’22, Platinum Jubilee of the Queen.

What a long journey we’ve had together!

Learning, laughing and growing,
But now it’s all change, a new challenge,
It’s off to high school you’re going!

The past few years with the pandemic have sometimes been quite tough,
With staying at home, missing friends and all the online stuff.

Despite it all, you’ve been more resilient than we had ever hoped,
You’ve shown that, “You’ve got this!” so we know how well you’ll cope.

August will bring changes: new faces, new classrooms, a new start,
But have confidence in all you’ve achieved so far – take heart!

Hold on to all the memories; trips and fun lessons we’ve shared,
Remember your friends, your teachers and all school staff who’ve cared.

Recall times table facts, sentence types, what you’ve learned in school,
Keep in mind your listening skills, always a handy tool!

But mostly remember how much you are valued – you’re superstars through and through!

We’ll never forget the fabulous Class of 2022!



Goodbye P7 and Best Wishes


The end of term always brings mixed emotions.  Everyone is excited about going on holiday but there is also sadness at having to say goodbye to so many lovely pupils.

Our current P7 pupils have had a year like no other but they have shown tremendous resilience .  Our school vision is ‘Bell’s Brae is a community where everyone achieves and gains happy memories’.  We know they have all achieved and sincerely hope they leave here with many happy memories.


Bell’s Brae Choir Performance

Last Tuesday, the Bell’s Brae P5-7 Christmas Choir went to the Over 60s Club at Islesburgh.  They performed a selection of festive songs which they have been busy rehearsing at after-school choir.  The audience really enjoyed their programme and complemented them on their singing.  This year, the choir decided to collect money for the Shetland MRI Scanner, to which the Over 60s Club very kindly donated £113!  Many thanks to the club for inviting our school choir to perform and for making such a kind donation.


The Christmas Choir will be performing  at the Lerwick Baptist Church, Quoys, on Saturday 14th December at 2pm.  Again, there will be a donations tub to gather money for the Shetland MRI Scanner.