P6s become ‘Young Leaders’

During Term 1, Primary 6 have been undertaking weekly “Young Leaders” training sessions with Active Schools Co-ordinator, Sanna Aitken. The children have been learning lots of new games and how to teach these safely, as after the October holidays they will be given the opportunity to be playground “buddies” for Primary 1-4. P6s have really risen to the challenge, and led a P.E. lesson in the gym with Primary 2 before receiving their “Young Leaders” certificates last week.  They have set a great example as they settle in to life on the top floor at Bell’s Brae!

NASA Lunar Lander Challenge

Primary 5 have been learning all about Space this term.  As part of this, we looked at the Moon Landing by Apollo 11.  They were set the challenge to work in pairs in order to create their own lunar landing module using only the materials provided.

They had to think carefully about their design to make sure their astronauts (big marshmallows!) didn’t fall out of the module when dropped from a height of 30cm.  Some managed to drop their module successfully from a height of 2m!!

It was excellent to see such brilliant problem solving and a range of other maths skills from all of the pupils.


P4/5 Swimming Gala

Today was the P4/5 swimming gala. The pupils all participated really well and showed off the progress they have made with their swimming this term.  All the pupils swam races and also participated in fun team races. We were all delighted with both their super swimming and excellent sporting behaviour. Big thanks to G4S for sponsoring this event

The photo below shows Thorfinn team captains with the trophy. Archie Redfern and Alfie Hall received the trophy on their teams behalf. It was a very close competition with the scores as follows:

Thorfinn 125 points

Magnus 124 points

Olaf 117 points