Victorian Day

This term Primary 6 have been learning all about Victorians, and we recently held our annual “Victorian Day”, where children are given the experience of what life was like for pupils during Queen Victoria’s reign.  The pupils and staff were dressed appropriately and everyone contributed to a memorable day!  We would like to express our huge thanks to Miss Swanson, who provided costumes for the day and visited both classes for a lesson in the afternoon.

(We’ve made the photos look old-fashioned to be more authentic!)

Primary 5 Trip

This term both Primary 5 classes have been learning all about waste and recycling. We went on a visit to the Energy Recovery Plant and Gremista Waste Management Facility. We got to see the incinerator where they burn rubbish to heat water for Lerwick district heating scheme. We also got to see how waste in currently recycled and spoke about changes happening this Summer to improve recycling in Shetland.

Experience Easter

Rev. Andrew Fox has kindly offered for the P4-7 classes to participate in an Experience Easter event during the week beginning Monday 26th March 2018 at Lerwick Methodist Church, Hillhead, Lerwick.  During the visits the children will hear the Easter story and have time for reflection.

The children will be walking to and from the church so please make sure that your child has a coat and sensible shoes.  The classes will be going on the following days: 

Date in March 9.30-10.30       11.00-12.00      13.50-14.45
Monday 26th Bells Brae


Mrs Cheyney

Bells Brae


Mr Sandison



Tuesday 27th Bells Brae


Miss Anderson

Bells Brae


Miss Williamson

Bells Brae


Miss Henry

Thursday 29th   Bells Brae


Mr Spence



 We hope that the children will find the visits interesting and informative.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the visits please contact Mrs Cheryl Simpson.

If there are any parents/carers who would be available to accompany classes on these visits please let the school office or your child’s class teacher know.


Primary 3n have been very busy this term learning all about the Vikings. We thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Lerwick Jarl Squad who let us try on some of their costumes!

As part of our topic we went on a trip to Old Scatness where we learnt about Viking homes from Chris the archaeologist. He took us inside a wheel house which had a small fire inside – it was very smoky! We also went to the beach – even though it was very windy and cold – to collect rocks which we could paint with Viking images.




P2n have been very busy this term learning about Materials as well as Houses and Homes for their topic. We enjoyed our visit to the Museum where we learned a lot about materials that would have been used in the past. We loved making our own clay pots!

For our Houses and Homes topic, we have been learning about the different types of houses people live in. We decided to design our own detached houses, we even added furniture on the inside for each room.

In maths we have enjoyed our measure topic. We have had a lot of fun using straws, our hands, cubes and meter sticks to measure the length of different classroom objects.