2018 Music Festival

Music Festival 2018

I am pleased to be able to provide you with the times when your child will be performing at the Music Festival.  All events will take place in Mareel and the entry is free.

Monday 12 March Bell’s Brae Orchestra

Fiddle and Accordion 8

(Bell’s Brae pupils and Whalsay pupil)

Entrants must be present for 6.45pm Pupils to be dropped off and picked up by parents.  Please ensure that your child knows the arrangements for going home after their performance.
Tuesday 13 March Bell’s Brae Choir 5/6/7


Entrants must be present for 9.00am Pupils to be accompanied by school staff

(See separate letter about early arrival at school and clothing for the choir)

Wednesday 14 March Bell’s Brae P7n

Bell’s Brae P7s

Entrants must be present for 9.00am



Pupils to meet and register with teachers at Mareel.  Bell’s Brae staff will be at Mareel in the foyer from 08:40.  Pupils are to go to Mareel and register with their teacher no later than 08:50 as our P7 classes are performing first in the group.  (see seperate letter for more info)

Music instructors will be contacting parents/carers to notify them of times for solos and duets.   On Tuesday 13 March pupils and staff will be walking to and from Mareel so pupils should ensure that they are wearing suitable footwear and clothing. Can pupils please wear white (or light) tops and black or navy trousers.

We strongly advise that all choir members have a good breakfast on Tuesday morning before their performance.  Children should never sing on an empty stomach.

P4S Read, Write, Count

Pupils in P4S have been enjoying the new Read, Write, Count initiative.  Each week they take home a folder with a piece of equipment or a book and an activity card.  It’s amazing how much they have achieved!  Some have used the scales and measuring jugs to help bake cakes, while others have been counting their steps with pedometers or playing dice and card games.  They’ve written stories and produced amazingly detailed drawings, carefully labelled.  They’ve had books to show them how to draw in a particular style or teach a bit about history, or just a good old yarn to fire the imagination.

It’s fantastic to see how much fun they’ve had reading, writing and counting with their families at home.