Primary One Trip on the Bressay Ferry

On Tuesday 27th May both Primary One classes went for a trip to Bressay.  We were lucky to get the chance to talk with Captain John Clark and his crew on the Leirna.  We went up to the Bridge and saw how the boat is steered.  Once safely ashore we walked up to the Maryfield House Hotel, where we enjoyed crisps and juice.  There was even time for a play in the garden before we caught the ferry home!  We had such a super morning.

Primary 1n Floating and Sinking

We have been learning all about water. Today we were scientists, investigating ‘floating’ and ‘sinking’ through different experiments.

We made predictions on whether or not everyday classroom items would float or sink and tested them in water to see if we were right.

In pairs, we constructed our own tinfoil boats and watched to see if they would float. We even added weight on to the boats to see if they could stand up to the test! We loved being scientists for the morning. 🙂


Marine Wildlife Roadshow

P4 – P7 had a great time at the Marine Wildlife Roadshow learning all about the marine environment and the current challenges the creatures face due to litter and plastic pollution. The children learnt how important it is to recycle plastic to stop this going into the sea and how beach litter collections can make a difference to our marine wildlife.


The children really enjoyed meeting the inflatable sea creatures.


Primary 5 Dialect Writing

Both primary 5 class have had a visit from Ann-Marie Anderson, who is the author of the children’s book ‘Da Ooriks.’ She told us about how she started writing and the process involved in creating a book. We then did some work on Shetland Dialect writing.