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Primary 5 Dialect Writing

Both primary 5 class have had a visit from Ann-Marie Anderson, who is the author of the children’s book ‘Da Ooriks.’ She told us about how she started writing and the process involved in creating a book. We then did some work on Shetland Dialect writing.


Primary 5 science experiment

This term, both Primary 5 classes have been learning all about the environment and recycling.

We were learning about the difference between bio-degradable and non bio-degradable materials. As part of this, we carried out an experiment to see if we could make a bio-degradable plastic, using natural materials. The pupils had to predict what they thought would happen and then write up a report about what happened. Everybody really enjoyed this hands on experience.


When we poured the vinegar into the milk it curdled…yuck!
We had to strain the mixture through tights.
Pupils writing up report

Some of P5n with the finished result.

Primary 5 Trip

This term both Primary 5 classes have been learning all about waste and recycling. We went on a visit to the Energy Recovery Plant and Gremista Waste Management Facility. We got to see the incinerator where they burn rubbish to heat water for Lerwick district heating scheme. We also got to see how waste in currently recycled and spoke about changes happening this Summer to improve recycling in Shetland.