The World Must Be Coming to an End

The Banton Biggies have joined in with the World Must Be Coming To An End – #singalangtaethelangestsang project. This is trying to

Help create the langest Scots sang EVER!

Listen to the classic Scots children’s song, The World Must Be Coming To An End, and write a new verse with your class.

Click on the link below to listen to and read the verses the Biggies made up.

Banton, Oh Aye

A Competitive Competition

A couple of weeks ago the whole class did a competition to design the plot (garden) in Banton owned by the school.
I realy wanted to win so I tried my hardest. I was given a sheet of paper to draw my design on. I drew a picture of little flowers round the out side and two big bunches of yellow flowers 🌺 further up. It had two little pieces of wood up the middle in between there was chips of bark.
About a week later I found out that I had won with Fergie’s colours I was delighted. That day Alexander, Zara, Fergie, Ellie and I went down with Mrs Cheape to the plot (garden) to use my design for it. We used the flowers that the school had got for us. Once we had finished laying it out we it looked great.
Im am very happy and proud of myself and I enjoyed designing the garden it was fun.img_0395fullsizerender


On Tuesday the whole school went out to celebrate  Banton’s 50th anniversary we did it by getting the toys they used back in the olden days.

We were outside doing this because there is not enough room inside we used conkers, skipping ropes, Chinese ropes and marbles.

Chinese ropes are made out of a chain of rubber bands. You need at least three people. Two people facing each other one doing a dance. I can give you a little song for it Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales inside outside monkeys tales.

Marbles you draw a circle in the middle and you shoot to the marble in the middle there will be a marble that you can hit if you get it out its now you marble.

Conkers  you can get them from a chestnut  tree and the good thing is THEY ARE FREE.

After lunch we had A 50th BIRTHDAY CAKE but the bad thing was that we got it the next day but it was good the cake everyone got a bit and that was our lovely day.







Wildlife Adventure


On the 7th of September 2016 Mr and Mrs Carter took us on a walk to Banton loch. Before we went we got our jackets and wellies on but some people brought a change of clothes. When mr and Mrs Carter got to the school they told us to get a pen and paper to write this down that we found.

On the way down we passed the Mill pond and there was a swan, ducks and there were swallows.  Swallows are a type of bird that when they are hatched it has a couple of weeks to catch as much food as it can and when is has eaten a lot of food it flys all the way to Africa. It has to find its own way there and back with no food or plane.

The reason why we were going to the Banton loch is to know more about the water wildlife. We also saw a puddle of  orange water which  you should never go into because it is iron from the mines and you could get stuck in it.

Once we got to the loch we got put into groups of 4 and each group had an adult and I was in a group with Mrs Carter, Zara, Alex and Ellie. Each group had a child net and an adult net and Alex and I took the adult net and went searching and Zara and Ellie took the child net. Alex and I found a land slug on a rock in the water but it wasn’t supposed to be in the water that’s why it’s called a land slug. Alex and I found 3 land slugs but they were all on rocks.



Then Alex and I saw a bug flying around above the water and I caught it with my hand and took it to Mrs Carter then we put it in a tub that is has a magnified lid to you could see it better. Then Alex and I moved to another part of the water and I found a very big spider hanging from its web and it was eating a wasp and it was quite creepy. One of the groups found 4 fish. Once people had found a lot of things everyone got to see the creatures that other people found.

Then once mr Carter had showed us the creatures he put them back in the water Then we headed back to school and on the way back everyone was eating brambles. When we got back to school we took our very dirty wellies off and we wrote things on the board that we saw and found after that we said good bye to Mr and Carter then we went home. I Loved the walk and it was very fun.