Our school trip Jessica

We I Our school trip

Going to the farm
On Thursday our school went to the national museum of rural life. A coach came to pick our school up, then when we got to the museum the school was split up into three different groups. My group went to the farm first, we where picked up by a tractor and brought up through fields. When we got off of the tractor there were Tamworth pigs.
Tamworth pigs are ginger pigs that are very aggressive with each other. When they are very young piglets they got there tusks chopped off because if it gets a hold of you it is very hard to remove.

The animals
The next thing we went to go see was the cows and the cows stunk. When we went to see the cows they were just being fed there minerals and vitamins. The cows where separated into beef cows or dairy cows.

After that we went to see the chickens and when we got there someone was painting the chicken coop. I found out that when you see a chicken if you look to see some of its skin, if it is white the egg will probably be white, and if the skin is brown it will probably will be a brown egg.

After we had looked at all the animals we went to see the old old milking parlour. It was made out of completely stone and metal, the cows where trained to come in in pairs and line up. They had a bowl for feeding the cows so they would be happy being milked, the cow that produced the most milk would get more treats.

Once we finished on the farm the tractor came back to get us to go back to the museum to do the other activity’s there was for our groups.

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