Soil workshop

The first thing we all did was look at the percentage of what is in soil.

There is 5% organic matter, 25% water, 25% air, 45% minerals.

Then we got in to 3 groups of 5 people then each group got 8 cards. 4 of them had words on them then 4 of them had a picture on it and we had to match each card with the right card with the words on. The words were, erosion, contamination, compaction and sealed. These things are all bad for the soil.

Plant pot
Then we to go round 3 stations one of them was Plant pot, were we plant either peas or Coriander and you got to pick one of them. We put 2-3 seeds in the pots and the pots were made out of newspaper!

Where they grow
The other one of the stations was “where they grow” for example in a tree, or in the ground or on top of the ground. If you got an apple you had to put it in the right place.

The last one was the percentages of what soil is made of and what is in a burger, that one was really easy.

By Rhea p6

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