Visit to national museum of rural life


Nancy took us on the tractor to go up to the farm it was very slow. When we got up to the farm we first went to the ginger and red Tamworth pigs. The pigs splashed the mud very much. We were kind of in the splash zone. We didn’t get splashed. Next we went over to see the Tamworth piglets. The piglets were so cute. We also saw some mummy pigs while we were over at the piglets.

Next we went over to the cows. There was still some calves left. One calf was a bull it was quite young. There was three calves.

Then we went to a milking place. In the milking place there was a fake cow. The fake cow had water in it. Next we went to the actual milking place.

Next we went over to the chickens. The chickens were kind of cute. The chickens have also been alive for a couple of years.

After that we went over to the horses the horses were to far down so we didn’t get much about the horses. The farm has been going for about one hundred years.

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