On the Farm

The Farm

When we were outside waiting at the back of the museum this tractor (farm explorer) came and the a man and a woman called Nancy who was our tour guide and Tommy who was our driver let us in the trailer we sat on the comfy seats and the tractor took us to the farm.


Nancy told that their is a hundred female sheep and their was a hundred and forty lambs that went to market one of the breed they have was blue face Lester. Nancy said she thinks they will get black face sheep.


On the way to the farm in the trailer Nancy said that they had three horses she said that they had two full Clydesdale horses. One was called Mhari who was twenty. Nancy said that her name is spelled in Gaelic so I just wrote the way I think it spelled also the other Clydesdale horse I don’t remember her name but she is six. The other horse Nancy said was a cross between a Clyde stale and a welsh sort of horse.


The pig were a breed called Tamworth pig Nancy said that the pig get sun burn easily. She also said that the hut they had was called an ark their was also three piglets who were three week old. They hadn’t had breakfast so we needed to stay back in case the would splash. The pigs were feed high protein pellets Nancy discovered that they don’t like oranges.


Aberdeen Angus were the type of beef heard that they had and they also had dairy cow that was an airshery type of cow. The cow got feed malacca which is their minerals some of the cows names were Hary,Joy,Rita and Fiona.


Their were two white hens they didn’t get many egg just now they found out they like watermelon and they don’t like cauliflower. Nancy said you can tell what colour of egg there going to lay by their ear lobes.

The bit I loved the most

I loved patting the cows and finding out about these animals I hope I go there again.

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