Visit to The national museum of rural life on the farm.

Last Thursday we went on the bus to go to the national museum of rural life there were three groups and and I was in the first one with Mr Johnston and here is how it went.

First we went to the farm, Tommy the tractor driver came down to pick us up to get to the farm it took us about 8 minutes to get up. We also had a tour guide called Nancy. On the way up we seen sheep cows and horses in the fields.

When we got up there we were greeted by Tamworth pigs that were very hungry for breakfast. Then we met some tups in a field the breeds were blue Lester and a Texel crossed Suffolk. We went further up the farm to see cows and there names were Katie and Fiona and there breeds were Aberdeen Angus and dairy-airshire. After that we went to see some hens there were in a pen and there were brown hens that laced brown eggs and you can tell by there leather. And there were white chickens that payed white eggs.

And we went to see if the horses were up at the fence but they weren’t up there.

We all had a good time in the farm at the national museum or rural life.


Aaron p6

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