The Museum of Rural Life

On Thursday the school went on a trip to the museum of Rural Life. We all went on a coach and when we got there the school got split up into three groups. Group 1, which I was in went up to the farm first. We looked at the machinery while we were waiting on the tractor coming to pick us up. Tommy, the tractor driver took us up to the farm, Nancy, who was our tour guide gave us information on the animals and the farms history.

On the farm

On the farm Nancy showed us some Tamworth pigs, she told us that they’re tusks got took of when they were young so that if it gets caught on something it is very difficult to get off. She also told us that they had bits of they’re ears missing because they bit each other because they are really aggressive. We went round the corner to the mother pigs and piglets.

Then we went to look at the sheep, after that we went up to the cows and we found a cat. We were all clapping the cows in the byre and Margaret, the stocks woman brought in food for the cows.

After the cows we went to see the hens and we found out that the little leather thing under they’re ear shows what colour of eggs it will lay, if it is white the hen will lay white eggs, if brown the will lay brown eggs.

After we heard about the chickens we went to see if we could find the horses, we only found one but it was to far away to see it properly so we went to the milking parlour. We saw what the cows went in to get milked in the olden days, then we tried to milk a fake cow. After the cows we went back in the tractor and went back to the museum.


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